• Saudis Expelled from U.S. Military Training – But How Did Things Ever Get to This Point?

    Surge Summary: The U.S. Military will be expelling twenty-one Saudi student trainees following an investigation into the shooting by a Saudi military officer which killed three sailors late last year.  All twenty-one possessed social media material with some jihadi or anti-American content. Question is: Why were these suspicious elements not discovered long ago?

    ABC News (Alexander Mallin, Luke Barr and Elizabeth McLaughlin) reports:

    Twenty-one Saudi students will be expelled from the U.S. following an investigation into the Saudi military officer who killed three sailors and wounded eight others at the Naval Air Station in Pensacola last month, Attorney General William Barr announced Monday.

    In a news conference at the Justice Department, Barr said an investigation of the shooter Lt. Mohammed Alshamrani has determined he was “motivated by jihadist ideology,” and called the attack an “act of terrorism.”

    While the 21 trainees identified by investigators were not found to have aided Alshamrani in the attack, a review launched by the FBI found that several of the students had possessed “derogatory material” on their computers or personal devices.

    “17 had social media containing some jihadi or anti-American content,” Barr said. “However, there was no evidence of any affiliation or involvement with any terrorist activity or group. 15 individuals (including some of the 17 just mentioned) had had some kind of contact with child pornography.”

    Twelve of the 21 students were being trained at the Pensacola Naval Air Station. Nine others were receiving training in other U.S. military facilities.
    Gary Bauer adds his reflections:

    Their expulsion comes in the wake of increased vetting following the December shooting at Pensacola Naval Air Station.

    Just over 10 years ago, 14 people were killed at Fort Hood.  That attack wasn’t perpetrated by a foreign student.  Virtually everyone knew that Nidal Hasan was more loyal to Islam than he was to America.

    But military bureaucrats passed the buck because Hasan was playing the race card and the Islamophobia card.  Sadly, too many military leaders were more afraid of jeopardizing their own careers than protecting our soldiers.

    Ten years have passed since the atrocity at Fort Hood, and the problems of political correctness have only compounded during most of that time.  Don’t forget the Bergdahl trade, in which Barack Obama traded five Taliban leaders for a deserter.

    Fast forward to December 6, 2019.  While the FBI was using its vast intelligence capabilities to monitor the Trump campaign and wiretap various aides, several Saudi military students were visiting jihadist websites and sharing extremist materials, and apparently no one was monitoring them!

    When Donald Trump suggested that we didn’t know enough about what was going on within radical Islam and should pause immigration from nations known to be hotbeds of jihadism, the roof caved in on him.  Politicians from both parties condemned him.

    I wish I saw that kind of outrage after three American personnel were murdered, not in Afghanistan, not in Iraq, but in their own country because a jihadist managed to get a gun where they were not permitted to have one.

    It is impossible to come up with a better example of how political correctness multiplied during the Obama years has put us in jeopardy.  Thank God we are beginning to rein it in under President Donald Trump, Attorney General William Barr and Secretary of Defense Mark Esper.

    In too many ways, it seems the U.S. government is focused on matters it ought not, and disregarding those areas to which its attention should be devoted. Put down in the latter category this unconscionable dereliction of duty highlighted by the Pensacola Air Station shooting. Thankfully, it appears it is being addressed finally – but too late for three slain service members and their families.

    H/T: ABC News

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    Gary Lee Bauer is an American politician and activist, who served in the Reagan administration. He later became president of the Family Research Council and a senior vice president of Focus on the Family. In 2000, he participated in the Republican presidential contest.

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