• So It’s Settled: The Problem on The View Is … Meghan McCain?

    Surge Summary: A column in the Leftist New York Times fingers Republican Meghan McCain as the intolerable element on the television talk-show The View. Are we supposed to take this analysis seriously?

    The weekday morning gab-fest known as The View is renowned for on air squabbles between its rotating stable of female co-hosts. The show’s overwhelmingly progressive viewpoint is leavened somewhat by a Republican here or there — most often, lately, Meghan McCain. She’s daughter of Cindy McCain and the late Sen. John McCain and joined the show as a regular in October 2017.

    Writing in the New York Times recently, Shamira Ibrahim has bluntly identified Ms. McCain the real problem with the program.

    Bob Cronin/Newser reports:

    [T]he constant tension around Meghan McCain’s presence has made the program hard to watch, Shamira Ibrahim writes in the New York Times. “In the early days after her arrival, her on-air spats made for fun TV,” Ibrahim writes. “Now it’s just exhausting.”  … She’s now the show’s “most polarizing and predictable figure, the common denominator in the show’s most contentious round tables as of late,” the Thursday op-ed piece says. Her interactions with her less conservative co-hosts have become sharper, reflected by Whoopi Goldberg’s “Girl, please stop talking” last month.

    You read that correctly. During a December broadcast in which McCain dared a difference of opinion with Lefty fellow-yakkers, Whoopi Godlberg exasperatedly shushed her — essentially dictating: Be quiet, girl! We don’t want to hear what you have to say!

    Try to conceive of widescale reaction had the “conservative” McCain imperiously and contemptuously dismissed Goldberg in the same manner. She’d be branded “racially insensitive”, outright. We’d also probably hear snark that McCain wanted women to return to the “barefoot, pregnant and silent” status of yesteryear. And that “girl” reference? Why is McCain addressing Whoopi as though she’s a little child? the enlightened set would be screeching.

    Such an incident could, conceivably, have been a career-ender for the 35-year-old TV personality.

    Of course, she wasn’t the one who brusquely cut off her colleague. That would be Whoopi Goldberg who committed that faux pas.

    But, decrees, Ms. Ibrahim, it’s Meghan McCain who is the cancer on the set of The View.

    It’s plain from Shamira Ibrahim’s curriculum vitae that she shares the Lefty views of Goldberg, Joy Behar, et al. (If there was any doubt about that, her mollifying characterization of the other View co-hosts as “less conservative” than McCain would have given away the game.)

    McCain answered Ibrahim in a tweet, addressing the Times: “everyone already knows how much you despise red state, pro life, pro #2A conservative women, and wish we would all just go away.”

    To which Ibrahim effectively agreed. See below:

    Per Newser: “At this point, Ibrahim writes, the idea that we’re watching a few friends chatting about politics, which the show still promotes, is hard to buy.”

    Also “hard to buy”? That we can assume any objectivity, whatsoever, from someone like Shamira Ibrahim when it comes to her analyzing the behavior of anyone who’s not an out-and-out progressive.

    H/T: Bob Cronin/Newser

    H/T: Washington Examiner/Tiana Lowe

    Image: By Carol M. Highsmith -United States Library of Congress’s Prints and Photographs division (digital ID highsm.03804.)  Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=56953559

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