• Striking: With His Direct, Simple Apology, Pope Provides a Lesson

    Surge Summary: Pope Francis’ frank and public apology over a recent controversy provides a demonstration of grace that is much needed in our current harsh age.

    Last week, Pope Francis slapped away the hand of a woman who grabbed him as he greeted a New Year’s Eve crowd.

    He thereafter offered a public apology – and didn’t mince his words in doing so. How refreshing.

    Bob Cronin/Newser reports:

    “Love makes us patient,” the pope said in his New Year’s homily. “So many times we lose our patience. Me too, and I apologize for yesterday’s bad example.”

    The Washington Post‘s Ruth Marcus opines the church leader’s direct and unqualified apology provided a fine example for the rest of us – particularly for those who have difficulty saying they’re sorry under any circumstances.

    It’s a lesson for a fraught time, delivered as we begin a new decade.

    Everyone is on edge in this era, Marcus says, and that includes the pope. The anxiety can diminish our patience. “Grace helps restore it,” Marcus writes. “The pope’s apology came quickly and without condition. Rather than explaining himself or suggesting that responsibility was shared, which it surely was, his statement was powerful in its simplicity: ‘I apologize for yesterday’s bad example.'” (Read the full column.)

    Whatever one thinks of Pope Francis’ views on economics, public policy or pressing social issues — and whatever one thinks of journalist Ruth Marcus — who can argue with that point? And who can deny that multitudes on all sides of today’s political and cultural squabbles could benefit from the Pontiff’s humble example in this episode?

    Yes, more “grace” is definitely needed everywhere in 2020. May Francis’ actions – self-effacing, straight-forward, redemptive — stir it up among all of us.


    Image: Adapted from: Ryan Lim – Malacañang Photo Bureau, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=37899374

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