• Tulsi Gabbard Proves Again She’s an Apologist for Terrorists

    Surge Summary: Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard continues to confirm she is an apologist for terrorists.

    by Peter Heck

    On so many issues, Tulsi Gabbard has positioned herself as the somewhat moderated voice of reason in the Democrat Party, and certainly among those vying for the presidential nomination. But there has always been a tragic flaw for any conservative or rational American when they were tempted to consider Gabbard the most preferable of the Democrat candidates: her confused and backwards approach to geo-politics and the bad actors therein.

    In the past, Gabbard had outed herself as a near apologist for the despicable Assad regime in Syria. The Washington Post noted months ago:

    Among the Democratic candidates, there’s consensus that it’s time to end “forever wars.” But only Gabbard consistently struggles to admit that Assad is one of the worst war criminals in history. Only Gabbard asserts that the United States (not Assad) is responsible for the death and destruction in Syria, that the Russian airstrikes on civilians are to be praised, that efforts to protect Syrian civilians are wrongheaded and that the United States must side with Assad.

    That terrific failure colors Gabbard’s vision of the entire region. Mouaz Moustafa, the executive director of the Syrian Emergency Task Force, has expressed his own shocked dismay with Gabbard’s treachery on the subject:

    “Like the Russians, Iranians and the Assad regime, Tulsi sees the Syrian people struggling for dignity as terrorists, despite the facts.”

    Siding with the Russians, Iranians, and Assad is not exactly a ringing endorsement for her candidacy. But, some have contended, there was always the possibility that Gabbard approaches the situation with nuance that is ignored and exploited by her enemies, thereby making her position appear more radically un-American than what it really is.

    Unfortunately for Gabbard-apologists, that argument has been utterly undermined by Gabbard’s recent response to the Iranians shooting down a civilian airliner. Inexplicably, the Democrat candidate refused to blame the Iranians. Behold the madness:

    Let’s see if we can follow this absurd logic. Apparently we are supposed to believe that rather than raging incompetence on the part of a terrorist regime, this tragedy is somehow the consequence of the United States’ retaliatory strike against a man who had killed hundreds of our soldiers? Iran shot down a passenger plane that took off from its own international airport because they were so upset about us killing Soleimani and therefore the United States bears some of the blame here?

    I get that all of her Democratic rivals are a long way from being champions on this issue, none of them having even commented on the courageous Iranian protests currently occurring. But this kind of twisted thinking is precisely why Gabbard has been dogged by accusations from Republicans and Democrats alike for being an apologist for terrorists and rogue regimes. If the Syrian people are responsible for the terror brought on them by a war criminal (Assad) then of course the U.S. is responsible for the passenger plane being shot from the sky by criminally incompetent Iranians.

    It’s both shocking and unconscionable that these people are ever trusted in positions of power.

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    “This article originally appeared at TheResurgent.com.”

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