• When You Read About This Particular, Popular Nonsense, Please Remember This …

    Surge Summary: Confronting and refuting the trans-nonsense that is taking over the world isn’t the only obligation of sensible people. We also have an obligation to remember that people who have been seduced by the transgender lies need help and compassion.  

    by Peter Heck
    The Resurgent

    The Twitter jokes were a foregone conclusion. The collective cultural eyeroll from the remaining rational was bound to happen. The dejected facepalming from the morally grounded was a metaphysical certitude. You can’t write a headline like the Daily Mirror put together and not expect all of those things:

    An online user by the handle Hallow Pumpkin probably spoke for all of us in their response:

    But the truth is that a person with any sense of compassion, any person with any sense of obligation to love one another, any person with any sense of goodwill towards humanity and society cannot simply turn away from this.

    These are real people who suffer from gender dysphoria, and their plight is no more a joke than it is a plank for some progressive sexual/political revolution. The pseudo-science of transgender theory blurs meaningful distinctions between the sexes that can never be erased from existence.

    One need not be a proponent of strict fundamentalist sex/gender division to see the wisdom and moral appropriateness of celebrating sex/gender distinction. Healthy societies embrace that binary; unhealthy ones will exacerbate it, or diminish it.

    We cannot outsmart the Creator of that binary, after all. Our vain efforts to liberate ourselves from the natural laws He instituted have never and will never result in greater human happiness, freedom, or flourishing. That needs to be, it has to be the motivating factor for those of us who are opposed to the moral quagmire modern sexual revolutionaries are creating. Honoring all beings made in the image of God will always begin by honoring God. Failure to do the latter will never result in the former.

    So be angry at the bare pursuit of political power that is at the heart of all this, resent the abuse of language and coining of nonsense words, object to the harnessing of governmental power to harass and punish those who resist the insanity, but let’s not forget the confused people who are the victims (even if they’re seemingly willful participants) of manipulation by an agenda that cares nothing about them.

    And by “not forgetting” about them, I mean let’s do something for them. Let’s offer them care and compassion, hope and help. It’s one thing to be right about this issue; it’s another to do right by the people so deeply affected by this issue. I want to strive to accomplish both.

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    This article originally appeared at TheResurgent.com.” 

    Image: Creative Commons Zero – CC0; Adapted from: https://www.pxfuel.com/en/free-photo-xdyph

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