• Dump the Stereotype, Please: Pro Life ‘Gen Z’ Voters Care About Issues Beyond Just Abortion

    Surge Summary: A recent survey reveals, contrary to the stereotype, pro-life activists are NOT single-issue voters. Their concerns involve a broad range of topics.

    Despite common stereotypes, most pro-life activists are NOT single-mindedly focused on abortion. The Ruth Institute conducted what may be the first survey of pro-life student opinion on other social issues at the Students for Life Pro-Life Summit on January 25 in Washington D.C. This Summit followed the annual National March for Life and was attended by more than 3,000.

    Ruth Institute Founder and President Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, Ph.D., explained: “With almost 10% of those attending the Summit taking the survey, we believe we have a representative sampling of the attendees. Since they are the future of the pro-life movement, we wanted to learn what other issues concern them.”

    Of the 252 who took the survey at the Ruth Institute booth:

    • 83% said they were concerned about euthanasia
    • 83% said they were troubled by the decline of marriage
    • 66% mentioned contraception as an area of concern
    • 59% said they were troubled by what’s called comprehensive sexuality education
    • 50% said they were concerned about surrogacy and
    • 47% named the worldwide decline of fertility

    The ages of those who took the survey ranged from 12 through 76, with an average age of 28. The respondents were 71% women and 77% Catholic.

    Dr. Morse observed: “Despite a general belief to the contrary, pro-lifers aren’t single-issue activists. They care about a broad range of issues which, like abortion, are related to the Sexual Revolution.”

    Other questions on the Ruth Institute survey included:

    1. What brought you to the pro-life position?
    2. What do you think is the best argument to advance the pro-life cause?
    3. What is the best practical solution to abortion?

    Morse said, “We were honored to be able to participate in the Summit. It was an exciting event that brought together student activists and leaders from across the country to learn and network. It also gave us the opportunity to conduct this important survey, perhaps the first of its kind.”

    The Ruth Institute is a global interfaith non-profit organization equipping Christians to defend the family and build a civilization of love.

    Dr. Morse is the author of The Sexual State: How Elite Ideologies Are Destroying Lives.

    Find more information on The Ruth Institute here and more on the 2020 National Pro-life Summit here.

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