• Lack of Self-Respect? Why Do Bernie’s Supporters Refuse to Call Him on This?

    Surge Summary: Does Bernie Sanders think his supporters are stupid? He decries the “wealthy” and “powerful” – yet he is wealthy and powerful. And apparently has no fears he’ll be called out on it.

    by Peter Heck

    I’m legitimately shocked that he gets away with it. I understand that socialist icons historically have always been capable of getting their followers to look the other way as they flagrantly speak out of both sides of their mouths, but the disparity between the things Bernie Sanders says and the way that he lives is becoming so large it’s astounding.

    Don’t get me wrong, if I ever sought a high office to exploit for my own benefit, it would be a dream to have a group of brainwashed acolytes who refused to ever hold me to the standards I demand for everyone else. That’s super convenient. But knowing some Bernie Bros personally, I still am surprised they don’t have more self-respect than to let this kind of thing slide.

    For instance, take Bernie’s most recent viral tweet:

    It speaks volumes of how little Bernie actually thinks of his own followers that he can say something like this without any fear that they will turn on him. Here’s what I mean.

    Bernie is part of that tiny group of people. When it comes to power, he’s one of only 100 Senators in a country of almost 330 million people. That alone means he possesses more power than 99.9999997% of the population. He has been in Washington for 3 decades of his life. If he had any desire to change the power situation, wouldn’t we have seen something by now?

    And in terms of wealth, Bernie is worth millions of dollars and owns 3 houses. He flies first class and pays his own family and friends off with campaign funds from donors. If he was actually concerned with wealth disparity, wouldn’t we have seen him do something with his great wealth by now?

    To top it off, Bernie isn’t running on a libertarian platform designed to give liberty, wealth, and power back to individuals to run their own lives. Much the opposite, Bernie is attempting to consolidate more power in Washington, strip private citizens and small businesses of their capital, choices, and options, and greatly expand the scope and influence of the governing elite.

    Thus, everything he says in this tweet is the polar opposite of what he wants and is trying to do. Is it because his followers think they’re going to be included as part of the “in group” that they pretend not to know? Or do they honestly not know? Neither is a good reflection on them or the future of freedom in America.

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    This article originally appeared at TheResurgent.com.

    Image: Adapted from: By Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America – Bernie Sanders, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=42289876

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