• Step Aside Global Warming — Time for Global Cooling. Really?

    Surge Summary: Into the global warming debate wade modern scientists who are predicting an imminent period of global cooling. They insist the lowering temperatures will offset any temperature increases caused by alleged global warming.          

    by Bryan Fischer                                                                                                                                                     

    Eco-warrior Princess Greta Thunberg wants us to “panic” because we have only 10 years left to make gargantuan changes to energy policy, or the earth we love will be incinerated in a catastrophic conflagration of the entire world.

    Prince Phillip is so committed to saving the earth that he flew 16,000 miles on three private jets just so he could get to Davos in time to show up at the young prophetess’ press conference in an electric car.

    All the global warming hysteria is a product not of actual scientific data but of computer models. Computers only spit out what programmers put in. If they put in bad data, they will get bad data out. We know now that Climate Scientologists have monkeyed with the data from earth-based temperature stations, by going into the record and literally lowering past temperatures manually to create a false impression of a dangerously overheating world.

    We know that the 1930s was actually the hottest decade on record, but that doesn’t fit the narrative, so the data has to be adjusted to fit.

    But actual Climate Scientists are warning us that we are far more likely to experience global cooling than global warming. This is because of what is happening to the sun. The sun, mind you, is absolutely the only source of heat for the globe. The moon is inert, the stars are too far away, the sun is it. If you truly want to mess with global temperatures you have no choice but to increase the release of heat from the sun or decrease it in some way.

    Man cannot do either of those things. They are entirely beyond the reach of man’s power. The only one who can do anything about the heat emanating from the sun is the God who created it, the God revealed in Genesis 1:1. There is no one else and no other thing that can impact temperatures here on earth.

    And it turns out, God is doing something about it. In fact, he is leading the globe into a prolonged period of cooling rather than warming. This thing that God is doing will reduce global temperatures by more than the rising temperatures the most histrionic warmists predict. In other words, Greta, there is no need to panic. God’s got it all under control.

    The sun is heading into a prolonged period of minimal to non-existent sun spot activity. When the sun is active, indicated by the presence of sunspots, the sun releases more heat toward the earth and global temperatures rise. When sun spot activity decreases, less heat is released toward the earth and global temperatures cool.

    Astronomers, particularly the Russian ones, have been telling us for years that a prolonged solar minimum is in our short-range future. The most famous solar minimum within the recent history of the earth, the Maunder Minimum, occurred between 1600 and 1750. It produced the Little Ice Age, where global temperatures were so cold that people were ice skating and holding festivals on the Thames River in London, while the canals in the Netherlands froze over.

    These Grand Solar Minimums (GSM) occur once every 400 years, so we’re about due. Professor Valentina Zharkova, of the the department of physics and mathematics at Northumbria University, warns that the coming GSM will last for three decades and cause global temperatures to drop by more than one degree Celsius. That’s enough to offset even the wildest predictions of the Chicken Littles who parrot the global emergency line.

    So even if global warming is a problem (it isn’t), it will be solved. Not by man, not by shutting down coal mines, nuclear plants, or the fossil fuel industry, but by God.

    We’ve spent billions and billions in taxpayer dollars to solve a problem which does not exist and would be entirely beyond human reach if it did. And it’s a problem for which God has the answer anyway. Let’s stop panicking, shut down every green new deal, give everybody their money back, and go home.

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