• Answer This Please, Senator Warren: What’s the Difference Between ‘Kill It’ and ‘It’s My Right to Kill It’?

    Surge Summary: It certainly is somewhat ironic that fanatically pro-abortion Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren is chiding her adversary Michael Bloomberg for allegedly telling a female employee of his to “Kill it” when he found out she was pregnant. If he was wrong – Bloomberg’s denies the charge – then how is Warren’s pro-choice enthusiasm all that much different? Especially for the baby?

    Talk about a very black pot calling the kettle black. But that’s exactly what happened when pro-abortion senator Elizabeth Warren challenged Mike Bloomberg on the issue of abortion. In the end, the issue was not the life of the child at all or the sanctity of the womb. Instead, the issue was, “You don’t have the right to tell me to kill my baby. That’s my choice alone.” This is as pathetic as it is absurd.

    In the most recent Democratic presidential debate, Warren again claimed that she was fired for being pregnant in 1971 as a special education teacher. She then said to Bloomberg, “At least I didn’t have a boss who said to me, ‘Kill it,’ the way that Mayor Bloomberg is alleged to have said to one of his pregnant employees.”

    Bloomberg, for his part denied the allegation, saying, “I never said that, and for the record, if she was a teacher in New York City, she would never have had that problem. We treated our teachers the right way, and the unions will tell you exactly that.”

    As for Warren, her strategy was to draw attention to the larger issue of Bloomberg’s alleged treatment of women, adding, “People want a chance to hear from the women who have worked for Mayor Bloomberg.”

    This, of course, is a valid issue. How did Bloomberg treat his female employees? What about the non-disclosure agreements? And was he really so crass as to tell a pregnant employee to kill her baby, calling the baby “it”?

    The problem is that Elizabeth Warren is the last person to raise a protest about abortion.

    She is a passionate supporter of a woman’s right to “kill it.” That she challenged Mayor Bloomberg in such a manner is hypocritical, to say the least.

    It would have been more honest had she said, “You don’t get to tell me to kill it. That’s my choice.”

    Remember. This is the same Elizabeth Warren who pledged to wear the Planned Parenthood scarf at her inauguration if elected president. (For the record, that scarf should be blood red.)

    Too bad she wasn’t wearing that scarf during the debate. The irony would have been thick.

    This is the same Elizabeth Warren who issued a militant, pro-abortion statement last May, calling for the safeguarding of Roe v. Wade.

    Speaking of Republican, pro-life efforts, she said (in italics), “This is a dark moment. People are scared and angry. And they are right to be. But this isn’t a moment to back down — it’s time to fight back.

    A pro-Warren headline on Vox put it like this: “Elizabeth Warren just announced her abortion platform. It’s aggressive. It has little chance in Congress. But Warren is one of the few Democratic candidates with a clear reproductive rights plan.”

    Yet this was the woman taking issue with the alleged “kill it” comment?

    The word “fight” occurs 7 times in the Warren statement. Yes, she is committed to “fight” for the women’s right to “kill it,” as long as it’s her choice.

    The baby’s life doesn’t matter. “Reproductive rights” are the only issue. (At the risk of being redundant, how on earth did killing a baby in the womb become known as “reproductive rights”? What on earth does terminating a pregnancy have to do with reproduction?)

    This is the same Elizabeth Warren who, this very week, skipped the Senate’s votes on two important bills, one on banning infanticide and the other on stopping late-term abortions.

    That’s right. She didn’t even bother to show up and vote. (In doing so, she was joined by two other Democratic presidential candidates and senators, Bernie Sanders and Amy Klobuchar. They were the only three Democrats who missed the votes.)

    As noted on LifeNews, “That the Democrat presidential candidates didn’t show up to vote is no surprise considering they voted for infanticide and late-term abortions the last time the Senate voted. While they all voted to support infanticide, President Trump spoke out against infanticide in two tweets saying that it’s nothing short of ‘executing’ babies to let them die after failed abortions.”

    This is the same Elizabeth Warren who wrote in 2018, “On the 45th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, I think about what has changed since abortions became legal. Our health care system has pretty much dealt with the safety issue: thanks to Roe vs. Wade, abortion is now safer than getting your tonsils out. A lot of women are alive today because of Roe.”

    Senator Warren, are you saying that abortion is now safer for the baby being ripped apart or sucked out? And are you comparing, in any way, the removal of tonsils to the terminating of a beating heart?

    Certainly, if Mike Bloomberg really said, “Kill it” to a female employee, that would be certainly outrageous for many reasons.

    But it is equally outrageous that Elizabeth Warren wants to fight so passionately for the “right” to “kill it” – even late in a pregnancy, and even if “it” survives abortion.

    Let’s call a spade a spade.

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