• Bottom Line: Current Crisis Is Opportunity for America to Survive … and Thrive

    Surge Summary: America is facing a historic crisis – as she has many times in the past. And, as also many times in the past, America will meet this challenge and rebound from it. With faith in God and confidence that the nation shall overcome, the United States will rise above this challenge and move forward.

    by Brian J. Alexander

    I’ve heard lot of comments of late and note a hint of despair, which is certainly, on the surface of things, justifiable; but I wanted to remind everyone of an inevitable truth — Fear not because all will be well.

    Despite all the hysteria, noise, pessimism, market dislocation and capital destruction, good and bad governmental decisions and missteps, it is worth remembering that even in countries suffering complete destruction like Germany and Japan post WWII, and America’s own South post-civil war, economic recoveries have always come and come quickly.

    There is absolutely no doubt that medical technology will solve this problem and do so very soon. As such, we will most assuredly be on the mend soon. The cost will be high, the financial infusions will take decades to pay off, BUT we will recover, life will return to normal and hopefully we will learn and grow from this unfortunate pandemic. Here is a profound and historically accurate and prescient observation from one of the world’s greatest economist-philosophers:

    “What has so often excited wonder, is the great rapidity with which countries recover from a state of devastation, the disappearance in a short time, of all traces of mischief done by earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, and the ravages of war. An enemy lays waste a country by fire and sword, and destroys or carries away nearly all the moveable wealth existing in it: all the inhabitants are ruined, and yet in a few years after, everything is much as it was before.” — John Stuart Mill, Principles of Political Economy, 1848

    And so I say there is no reason whatsoever to be anything but optimistic and positive. As with our abiding, immovable and unending faith in God we should with equal fervor believe in ourselves, our ingenuity, our determination, our resolve. We shall overcome, we shall rise, we shall thrive, we shall prevail. Of this there is absolutely no doubt.

    One other thought that history entirely supports especially with respect to Americans – we are reactionary rather than preparatory in nature; look at the state of our military before every war and our security before 911. We also stick our heads in the sand a bit too AND then we always overreact which is sometimes good (WWII and 911) and sometimes not so much (right now).

    That said, this horrible moment is nothing more than another opportunity for the US and for mankind to come together, to fight, to solve, to persevere and then thrive and flourish. It will not be perfect or pretty BUT it will be. Believe it.

    The views here are those of the author and not necessarily Daily Surge.

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    Brian J. Alexander is a West Point Graduate, Army veteran and attorney who lives in New Jersey.

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