• Democrats Nominate Coronavirus for President … How Should You Respond?

    Surge Summary: The Left’s responses to coronavirus are increasingly pointless and nonsensical; “stupid” seems to be the new “reasonable” – and anyone who object is tarred as “pro-death”. Conservatives – clear thinking people – need to offer the hysterics some feel-good measures and then move ahead to get America back to work.

    Media is campaigning hard to elect their candidate for president: The Coronavirus, with its running mate Sloppy Joe Biden (with special guest, probably Karmela Harris).

    If it wins, Trump will finally be defeated and so will fundamental American rights such as freedom to travel, the right to run a business and to set prices for your products, and the right to go to work and earn a paycheck. Also probably capitalism.

    The Great American Lockdown will likely never come to a complete end, and we will be open to random virus-scares that will no doubt be timed to any rebellious activity like the elections of 2016, 2010, or 1994, and serve to shut down the economy and gatherings at will.

    Forget H1N1, as I write this, the American death count for the Coronavirus stands about the same as the death count for those who are asphyxiated to death in a single year during sex in an effort to better enjoy the experience. (Source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/p mc/articles/PMC5055911/)

    This is not to be dismissive of a serious and deadly disease, and if you are you will be blamed for the resulting death from it. So don’t do that.

    What we must do is be honest about what the Coronavirus scare is: a most certain destruction of the American economy.

    Let me clearly state that I am in no way advocating ignoring safety precautions or even coming out against quarantine. What I am saying is that there will never be a time that the Left will acknowledge is an acceptable time to open the economy and let people go back to work. For the Left, this should be the new normal.

    The reality is that the president has to make the decision when it is right to re-open the economy. Not a collection of politically motivated governors.

    However, any attempt (by you) to ‘take sides’ on the matter of regulatory prevention through the unconstitutional banning of business will place you firmly in the position of being ‘pro-death’ – so don’t do that either.

    The reality is that people like Dr. Anthony Fauci are only known when these kinds of catastrophic restrictions on liberty are in existence.

    When they are, people listen and respect people like him.

    Normally, Dr. Fauci is relegated to speaking to captive audiences, such as medical professionals taking continuing education or suffering through a work-related conference.

    When in front of a microphone, medical professionals who make bold statements are heard. The ones that do not are ignored.

    Do not attempt to expose people like Dr. Fauci, though, either. This will make you very unpopular and, again, place you firmly in the pro-death camp.

    So what does a freedom-loving American do during this time?

    Stick to the facts. Do not play their game.

    If you blindly oppose regulatory restrictions on freedom, you will be said to advocate for death.

    Currently, Democrat governors intend to tie any Corona death to President Trump (and you too).

    The fact is that people will suffer in a way never seen by any living generation if we don’t take the risk of re-opening the economy, but a large majority of Democrat voters either work for government or receive free-money checks from the government and literally couldn’t care at all as long as the McDonald’s drive-through is still open and the marijuana shop delivers.

    Instead of fighting with logical conclusions based on economics, make yourself an advocate for jobs and prosperity. Because most people don’t know anything about economics and don’t want to hear about it either.

    So how do we do this?

    First, remember that if the economy is destroyed there will be no McNuggets and there will be no marijuana.

    For others, we must tie everything they do to the loss of a job, a business, or a family vacation.

    When it becomes obvious to the normal person that our businesses have to re-open and lives return to normal, the Left will fight this.

    Use left-leaning logic to your advantage. Democrats ban guns in schools to prevent violence. It doesn’t work but it sure sounds good to a large chunk of the population.

    Why not promote signs that ask people to wash their hands? Isn’t that a ‘reasonable’ compromise between certain death and total destruction of the economy?

    Sounds stupid, right? So does a sign asking a person who has an intent to commit murder not to break an ordinance forbidding them to carry a pistol on school grounds.

    For liberals, the solution is never the answer. It’s how reasonable a proposal sounds.

    In other words, “stupid” is the new reasonable. It’s been that way for a long time. You were just too caught up in advanced theories like basic math, economics, and logic to notice.

    When was the last time your heard a Democrat elected official make a point and you answered to yourself, “this is just… stupid.”

    You forget one thing: that guy got elected saying that!

    If we as Republicans have no ‘reasonable’ proposals then we shall suffer the consequence of being unreasonable and therefore responsible for every single death resulting from this Coronavirus.

    President Trump should immediately take steps like the following: ban large gatherings until NFL kickoff, mandate signs be placed requesting hands to be washed in all public places, institute a blue-ribbon committee containing boring medical professionals who wish they had gone into public relations who may travel and speak about the evils of the unwashed hand, and free delivery of N-95 masks to the elderly.

    These small costs to government both financially and in liberty will serve to preserve a much greater freedom that currently are on a path of elimination.

    While the media will still attack these as unreasonable efforts, if they are close enough in character to Democrat proposals (pointless signs, lip service, etc.) they will naturally resonate with the right voters.

    Keep coming up with ‘reasonable’ proposals and eventually you will be seen as reasonable. Try it out with your friends.

    There’s an old saying in politics: give the media something to publish or they will find someone else who will.

    With the Left eagerly advocating for pointless and nonsensical – but reasonable – efforts to stop all things evil, we must learn from their success. Be reasonable. Be pointless. Sound good. Smile.

    It worked for Barack Obama. And it can beat the Coronavirus.

    The views here are those of the author and not necessarily Daily Surge.

    Image: Adapted from: Felipe Esquivel Reed – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=87846813

    Ian Bayne is a former radio talk show host and Republican PAC chairman living in Las Vegas. He hosts the War On Christians podcast at www.IanBayne.com.

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