• Gulp: What Joe Biden’s Victory Foreshadows for American Business

    Summary Surge: Joe Biden is probably not going to win the presidency  — but if he were to win, his economic policies would be a resurrection or continuation of Obama era efforts and would not be good for business growth or investment; and thus, bad for the economy. 

    by Beau Rothschild

    I firmly believe that President Donald J. Trump is going to win re-election this fall.  After Super Tuesday, it looks likely that he will be running against former Vice President Joe Biden. The election will pit the pro-business agenda of President Trump versus the policies implemented by the Obama Administration with a sprinkling of Democratic Socialism.

    One reason that Trump will win is because the Democrats, including Biden, have gone too far to the left. The agenda pushed by Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) drove the debate for Democrats and Biden knows that he must pander to the left wingers in his own party or risk the Bernie Bro demographic staying home this November.  Democrats are doing themselves no political, nor policy, favors by advocating for policies that will destroy the engine of the economy – big and small business.

    Pull together the four corners of the Biden agenda and you will see an agenda that can’t win this fall.  The economy is doing well, even with the headwinds of the Coronavirus hitting Wall Street, and people are happy with a president who has repealed anti-free market regulations while lowering the corporate taxes. In stark contrast, the Biden agenda is one that will try to redistribute wealth in a way that will slow growth and strike fear into the hearts of investors.  Biden’s agenda is hostile to business.

    One of Biden’s planks is to strengthen “worker organizing, collective bargaining and unions.”  His most dangerous idea is to imprison corporate executives who oppose the creation of a union in their company.  The Protecting the Right to Organize Act is a bill supported by Biden that would greatly expand the power of a liberal President to go after America’s most successful corporations for the purposes of expanding union influence. Biden also supports a war on corporations using independent contractors. Candidate Biden supports the idea of forced union dues from those who don’t want to join a union.  All of these planks paid for strong organized union support for the Biden campaign.

    In addition, Biden will work to complete some unfinished business of the Obama Administration. Norm Singleton wrote recently at The American Conservative that the Obama Administration attempted to apply “child labor laws to family farms.” This proposal was quickly rejected as extreme, but the extreme is the new normal with Democrats today.  Quin Hillyer wrote in The Washington Examiner back in 2018 about rules rolled out by the Obama Administration that would have destroyed the whole idea of a corporate “franchise,” because it would have held the parent company of a franchise liable for everything done on a local level. Had this moved to completion, McDonalds and other franchises would have had their business model destroyed by the federal government. Thankfully, it was repealed by the Trump Administration before being implemented.

    The most dangerous idea that is expected to be promoted by Biden is an Obama policy that is still alive in the Trump Administration. The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP), a little known agency in the Department of Labor, used left wing legal theories to sue a bunch of tech companies for “discrimination,” even though they had no real evidence of discrimination.  One of the left’s favorite tactics is to call opponents names to denigrate and debase them. The legal theory embodying this idea is are lawsuits that have been filed against Google and Oracle that use only statistical analysis to claim these companies were discriminating against minority employees. This agency was created to promote affirmative action with government contractors, however the Obama Administration used them as a legal test lab for left wing legal theories to see if lawyers can use only manipulated statistics showing racial or gender disparities in hiring and promotions to extort money from deep pocketed companies.

    Trump is going to win, but it is important for people to understand the true dangers of a Biden Administration to really understand the hazard his agenda would pose to our free market economic system. Understanding the Biden Agenda will help Americans to better understand that there is only one choice this fall to avoid electing a Democratic Socialism-lite candidate to run the country.

    The views here are those of the author and not necessarily Daily Surge.

    Image: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/publicdomain/; Adapted from: https://www.goodfreephotos.com/people/joe-biden.jpg.php

    Beau Rothschild is the founder of Rothschild Policy and Politics. Beau served as the members outreach director for the Committee on House Administration and helped the 2014 freshmen Republican class to set up offices.

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