• Turnabout? Who Says Conservatives Can’t Use the ‘Crisis’ as Well?

    Surge Summary: The “crisis” Leftists are wanting to use for their socialist, big-government purposes can also be an opportunity for conservatives to advance some of their agenda: including greater protection for the border, control of America’s immigration policy, a limitation on foreign aid and line item veto powers for the president. 

    by John DeGroff


    It was Rahm Emanuel, former Obama Chief of Staff as well as former Mayor of Chicago, who said “Never let a crisis go to waste.”   We are seeing that thought played out right now by Democratic Socialists during the Wuhan Flu crisis.  President Trump, however, has the opportunity to do the same.  Once this virus subsides, he has the ability to make some substantial changes in how we operate as a nation.  Here are just a few examples and/or suggestions.

    The Border

    Closing the border to travel from China and then Europe was just the start.  This is the best opportunity to tell the open borders traitors to collectively go to hell.  We need the wall.

    The U.S./Mexico border is 1,954 miles long.  In 2011, the Dept. of Homeland Security stated there were 649 miles of wall.  450 miles more are planned by the end of this year.

    World-wide, 38 countries have border walls, or at least portions of a wall in specific locations.  The Vatican even has a wall.  Read the O.T. book of Nehemiah to better understand God’s attitude about walls.


    This is an opportunity to finally deal with illegal immigration.  The sad reality, though, is that our immigration laws have not been adequately enforced for so long that we now have any where from 11 million to 20+ million illegals living here.  No real need to list all the grief that’s caused tax payers, education and medical services and the criminal justice system.  We’ve all heard and read the stats.  But the problem won’t be solved overnight.  It’s going to take some time to clean up such a monumental mess.

    Therefore, it’s past time for a 25-year moratorium on ALL immigration.  This should include even the legal methods such as amnesty, asylum, guest worker visas, student visas, etc.  All of it until we sort out who exactly should be here and who shouldn’t.  It’s such a catastrophe that it probably will take 25 years (or more) to completely rectify.  But it needs to start and now is the perfect opportunity.

    Foreign Aide

    With the amount of money we’re already in debt, coupled with the new stimulus package, we can no longer afford to bankroll anyone else.  Therefore, it’s also time for at least a 25-year moratorium on ALL foreign aide.   The only possible exception should be Israel.

    Presidential Veto Power

    While the media has tried to portray President Trump as a dictator, they have failed miserably.  Regardless of the crisis, the President still has to work with Congress to get anything done, no matter how crucial the issue may be.  The media seems to want to ignore that basic fact of our government.

    And therein lies the problem.  By now, we’ve all seem the liberal wish list of non-virus related stuff the Dems have included in the stimulus.  Even though President Trump is a master negotiator, he’s unfortunately going to have to acquiesce to some socialist B.S. to get done what is really needed.

    Therefore, it’s time for the President of the United States of America to be given the power of the line item veto.  The governors of 44 states have that power, as does the Mayor of D.C.  It would no doubt take a constitutional amendment of do this, but it’s time.

    In 1996 during the Clinton Administration, under the Line Item Veto Act, the president briefly had that power.  It was struck down by the Supreme Court in Clinton v. City of New York.

    This is one issue that a Convention of States could rally around.  Plus, we have an entirely different SCOTUS now.

    There are other issues coming to the forefront as well during this crisis: curtail outsourcing and bring manufacturing back to the U.S.; single payer insurance would have had no impact whatsoever during this Wuhan Flu crisis; it’s obvious that basic capitalism can get things done (i.e. supplies and transportation) a lot quicker than government.

    President Trump is being criticized for supposedly caring more about the economy than people.  By focusing on the economy though, he is focusing on the American people and not a political agenda.  It was America’s economic might that had as much to do with winning WWII as did the military.  Being the business man and negotiator that he is, President Trump will utilize advantages we already have that the anti-American Dems only choose to either politicize or completely ignore.

    Homework Assignment

    Not really much to say in this regard except this:  continue to practice Empiricism and really, really, REALLY, pay attention to the liberal/socials/Dems.  Oh, and stop hoarding and wash your hands.  Thanks for your indulgence.

    The views here are those of the author and not necessarily Daily Surge.

    Image Adapted from: Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

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