• Don’t Miss: Priceless and Challenging Lessons Learned from the Pandemic

    Surge Summary: Whatever the true motivations of the pandemic shutdown, there are lessons a-plenty to be gleaned from it. Many of them far-reaching and challenging for parents, families and the church.  

    by Rick David

    The sheltering plans were entirely unnecessary. The “experts” and their models were wrong again. We did not need to create a depression.

    Parents have been forced into doing home school. Many are learning that public education is unnecessary for education. Take the saved taxes, return it to parents and let them pay for good daycare if they both have to work. It would be less expensive than what we’re paying for public education. Most parents report that they can get the school work done in a few hours. This is comparable to the actual learning time in public school. I heard a report that 23% of students are not participating with on-line public education. That set of students is probably the same 20 -30% who don’t want to be in school, who don’t pay attention anyway and who disrupt learning for the rest. The same 30% that teachers spend the majority of their time on and tailor their teaching to while the majority are bored to death.

    Parents are being forced to actually be aware of what is being taught and public schools are unable to foist their stealth agenda upon vulnerable children. We can presume that most of the communist, anti-Christian brain-washing is not being promoted on-line, just as the perverted sexuality brain-washing is absent.

    More Americans are convinced that China is our enemy along with the deep state bureaucracy and the media. We know that most of what purports to be “news” on mainstream television is truly fake news.

    We’ve learned that liberals, progressives, Democrats, the bureaucracy and elites like Bill Gates have an agenda that does not include our health, safety or prosperity. Their agenda is a new world order of global government with them in power. It really is all about power and money and they care nothing for most people. As evidence, the One World at Home Together Kabuki show sponsored by Global Vision and the WHO, which brought us the pandemic in league with China. This is the same crowd that has been trying to use the global warming hoax to establish their new order, Green New Deal, etc. They have no compunction against instilling fear and panic on hapless people in order to achieve their goals. As Rahm Emanuel once articulated, “Never let a crisis go to waste.”

    This crowd agrees. And they have their collaborators in law enforcement. I support law and order and most law enforcement perform a necessary, often dangerous and thankless task. But, unfortunately there are increasing in the ranks those who thrive on power and control. They are “jack booted thugs”, the new Gestapo who enjoy oppressing their subjects. They bristle with anger at those who would dare to question their authority. They drool at the prospect of any new or contrived “emergency” that they can exploit to bully the citizenry and display their “ultimate” power. The pandemic has seen too many incidents where these thugs have bullied worshippers, protestors and families enjoying the freedom to recreate. They fail to understand, or perhaps accept, that their authority only comes from the consent of the governed, our constitution and ultimately from God. God commands them to enforce justice, not blind obedience.

    We’ve learned that liquor stores and infanticide centers are essential, but churches are not. A pandemic that “might” kill thousands is an emergency for most people but the millions of children that are slaughtered on the altar of convenience are no big deal for most people. We’ve put up with it for decades.

    The pandemic has shown that we don’t care much for the aged. This pandemic has had a disproportionate impact on the elderly and specifically in nursing homes. CDC shows that almost 40% of the deaths have been in long term care facilities. In Rhode Island the percentage is 75%. In Linn County, Iowa, we were forced to limit social contact to our own household (a fancy way of saying, shelter-in-place). This order was not state-wide, but specific to our region. And the order came primarily because of outbreaks in nursing homes. One facility near me had 60 of 100 patients infected with 17 dead.

    Understand that the patients in these places don’t go out into the community and visitors have been barred for more than a month. So, the logical conclusion is that the employees are bringing the infection in. (Unless there is a secret government plot to kill off the elderly and balance the Social Security budget). A troll asserted that infecting these facilities was unavoidable and that the workers were unaware. I agree that they were unaware, but that is no excuse for carelessness. By her logic, 60% of patients at our hospitals should be infected. That hasn’t happened. That’s because most hospitals use effective infection control procedures.

    My wife was an infection control specialist for 15 years at the University of Iowa. It all boils down to training and implementation of proven techniques. I suspect that this is not happening in our nation’s nursing homes. Anyone who has ever had a loved one in a nursing home knows that the level of care in most of these places is deplorable. And that happens because most people are too cheap to pay for decent care or take care of Granny at home.

    Churches have been forced to close and this has caused some to re-evaluate what it means to be part of God’s body. The crisis has made us realize that continuing community may depend upon following Acts 2:42, meeting in the courts and house to house. Has God worked to wreck pop-culture Christianity, which focuses on centralized leadership and ministry? Could this be the end of the American mega church model that provides entertainment more than an encounter with Jesus Christ and genuine Christian community?

    The pandemic has shown that most Americans are sheep who are willing to give up their freedoms for a minimal assurance of security. And that we are scared to death of death. There are few Patrick Henrys here. The transition to a pagan culture is almost total. Few Americans have faith that God offers a better Kingdom.

    There is a remnant of people who still believe in the things that made America a great nation blessed by God and they are willing to fight for it. Across the land people are beginning to rise up in protest to imprisonment. The forces of tyranny will be vanquished. That’s a promise from God. He is coming soon and there will be judgment.

    Maranatha! Come quickly, Lord Jesus!

    The views here are those of the author and not necessarily Daily Surge.

    Image: Creative Commons 3 – CC BY-SA 3.0; Alpha Stock Images – http://alphastockimages.com/; Nick Youngson – link to – http://www.nyphotographic.com/;  http://www.picpedia.org/highway-signs/a/attention.html

    Rick David retired from a career in business in 2011. His experience includes service in the USAF, in medical sales and in operations for an educational testing company. He has a passion for and has been actively engaged in conservative issue advocacy and campaigning for over 30 years. He currently resides in North Liberty, Iowa where he also served as a church pastor with his wife of 43 years and travels extensively volunteering in lay ministry.

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