• Fauci and Facts Set Record Straight About Trump and Covid-19

    Surge Summary: The media is trying to accuse Donald Trump of failing to respond promptly enough to the coronavirus threat, and using Dr. Anthony Fauci’s words to do so. Fauci and the timeline facts say otherwise.

    Dr. Anthony Fauci, who is beloved by the media, essentially sliced and diced the fake news at yesterday’s White House coronavirus briefing.  It’s important to understand why.

    Dr. Fauci appeared on CNN Sunday and was peppered with hypothetical questions by Jake Tapper.  Here’s what Dr. Fauci said when Tapper asked if lives could have been saved if we started social distancing earlier:

    “It’s very difficult to go back and say that.  Obviously you could logically say that if you had a process that was ongoing and you started mitigation earlier, you could have saved lives. . .  But what goes into those kinds of decisions is complicated.”

    Predictably, the media spent Sunday and Monday using Fauci’s word to smear the president and insinuate that Dr. Fauci was blaming President Trump for not acting sooner.  So at yesterday’s press briefing, Dr. Fauci insisted on setting the record straight.  Here’s what he said yesterday:

    “I was asked a hypothetical question and hypothetical questions sometimes can get you into some difficulty. . . That was taken as a way that maybe somehow something was at fault here. . .

    “The first and only time that Dr. Birx and I went in and formally made a recommendation to the president to . . . really have strong mitigation, we discussed it. . .  The president listened and went to the mitigation.

    “The second time that I went with Dr. Birx into the president and said 15 days are not enough, we need to go 30 days.  Obviously there were people who had a problem with that because of the potential secondary effects.  Nonetheless, at that time the president went with the health recommendations.”

    What is clear from Dr. Fauci’s statement is that, in spite of all the left’s claims to the contrary, the president did in fact follow the recommendations of government health experts, and he acted on social distancing the very first time Fauci asked him to do so.

    By the way, when one reporter asked Fauci if he was “pressured” to make his statement, he quickly shut her down, saying, “No… everything I do is voluntary.  Don’t even imply that.”

    The Timeline

    Here’s an important timeline to keep in mind as the left tries to rewrite history and spin a false narrative:

    • The CDC issued its first warning to doctors about Covid-19 on January 8th.
    • The first case of Covid-19 in the U.S. wasn’t publicly confirmed until January 21st.
    • President Trump shut down travel to China on January 31st, and the left and its media allies viciously attacked him for doing so.
    • What were Washington Democrats obsessed with in January?  Impeachment.
    • The first case of community spread or “unknown origin” wasn’t confirmed until February 26th.
    • Acting on the advice of Dr. Fauci and others, President Trump announced the first round of social distancing recommendations on March 16th.

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    Image:  Adapted from: The White House – https://www.flickr.com/photos/whitehouse/49723232743/, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=88827557

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