• Has Coronavirus Convinced Us? Time to Re-evaluate Our Chinese Relationship

    Surge Summary: The gross irresponsibility of China’s early handling of the coronavirus situation confirms an ongoing pattern of misbehavior from that government toward the nations of the world. It really is time for America to rethink much of its relationship with China.

    by Nathan Clark

    The recent actions of the government of the People’s Republic of China call for a strong, in-depth review of America’s relationship with this still very-Communist, militant regime.  China’s increasing belligerence in the global community by bullying its neighbors is an alarming trend on the rise.  Add to that its deceitfulness regarding the Covid-19 pandemic and the repression and ‘disappearing’ of Chinese citizens who tried to sound the alarm, and this bad wedding looks worse by the day.

    China continues to aggressively lay claim to ‘territorial waters’ in the South China Sea and beyond, and to extend its military presence into International waters, defying other nations to assert their own sovereignty and daring other superpowers to take any preventive action.  Indonesian fishing vessels have been harassed in their own waters by Chinese naval and Coast Guard ships, and China’s immense fishing fleet has brazenly encroached into these rich waters.  China is Indonesia’s largest trading partner, so Indonesia’s government has chosen to ignore this bullying. China also continues to expand its territory into the Indo-Pacific region (the ‘nine-dash line’), claiming sovereignty over territory not theirs, and increasing military presence and base construction into these areas, in defiance of global treaties.

    All the while American business continues to act fat and happy with our Chinese ‘partner’, like a dysfunctional girlfriend who exclaims that her boyfriend ‘only hits me once in a while’, acting like she can ‘handle’ him.  Our national addiction to cheap Chinese manufacturing needs an intervention.  We are willingly in bed with a nation who seeks to subvert us in every way, by force, deception, economic coercion, currency manipulation and technology theft.  The PRC government is philosophically opposed to everything that our nation was founded upon.  How is this going to play out to our lasting benefit?

    Chinese policy DEMANDS that when another nation wants to manufacture goods in a Chinese factory, the intellectual property (technology upon which the product is based) becomes Chinese property.  In this way, they don’t have to develop their own technologies, which takes decades.  Instead, they use cheap labor as bait to steal the work of other countries (predominantly ours), and in doing so have erased the 50-year intellectual deficit their Communist revolution cost the country.  We let it happen.  Many of our own military’s essential components like semiconductors (which run virtually everything) are either manufactured in China now or within their sphere of control in Southeast Asia.  Why are we complicit in this?

    China has aggressively expanded and modernized its military, from stealth ships and advanced aircraft to the beginnings of space militarization.  They are reportedly developing ‘killer satellites’ to take out other nations’ satellites.  Whom do we suppose stands to lose the most from this development?

    The last time we saw an expansionist aggressor in Asia behaving this way was WWII.  If memory serves, we had a very different reaction to our ‘trading partner’ then, Japan.

    Let me conclude this with an observation.  Iran is acting much the same as China right now.  They are interfering with shipping in international waters regularly, claiming sovereign territory not theirs, developing (and stealing) modern weapons technology, refining uranium for a ‘nuclear energy’ program in a nation that has some of the earth’s richest oil reserves, are diametrically opposed to Western beliefs, values and freedoms, and export military ‘advisors’ into the region as a means of expanding influence and control.  Yet we treat them like sworn enemies.

    If they were trade partners like China is, would we look past all these aggressions and oppressions, so long as the dollars keep flowing?  China is an infinitely greater threat globally than Iran could ever hope to be.  We need to hit pause and consider where this disoriented love affair with China is taking us, before it has gone too far.

    The views here are those of the author and not necessarily Daily Surge.

    Image: https://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/; https://www.publicdomainpictures.net/en/view-image.php?image=263772&picture=america-china-commerce

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