• Quite a Contrast: A Tale of Two Responses to America’s Economic Crisis …

    Surge Summary: Radical Leftist – and socialist – Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez jubilated at Monday’s news that America’s energy industry is collapsing. A chance to push the ruinous “Green Agenda” she favors! Meanwhile, the Shake Shock restaurant chain returned the monies they had procured through the government’s recently formulated emergency payroll protection program – the company’s CEO wanted the funds to help other, struggling businesses which needed help more than his franchise.

    by Gary Bauer

    [R]adical socialists celebrated [Monday’s] collapse in the oil markets.  They celebrated because they think the collapse of America’s independent energy industries and the loss of who knows how many jobs will help them achieve their radical green agenda.

    When oil contracts went negative yesterday for the first time in history, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted:  “You absolutely love to see it.  This . . . means it’s the right time for a worker-led, mass investment in green infrastructure to save our planet.”

    Realizing how ghoulish she sounded celebrating the loss of so many American jobs and the devastation of so many families, this so-called “representative” quickly deleted her outrageous tweet.

    Keep in mind that this same left-wing gang has repeatedly appeased China and sold out our manufacturing base while China sent us cheap goods.  Now these same people attack the president for not being able to wave a magic wand to get the supplies we urgently need to fight the coronavirus.

    I think the blame lies with the political establishment that supported and promoted the offshoring of our industries, including vital medical and pharmaceutical jobs, to communist China.

    It is my hope and prayer that everybody who works for a living, every entrepreneur who built a business and every independent contractor understands that if the left regains power this November a Joe Biden Administration will be filled with radical progressives and American free enterprise as we know it will be finished.

    [Editor: Meanwhile contrast the above to this account, also from Gary Bauer:]

    Shout Out to Shake Shack

    Shake Shack is a fast food chain that began in New York City in 2004.  Today it has approximately 250 outlets with more than 6,000 employees and revenues in 2018 that exceeded $450 million.  Somehow the company was able to get a $10 million bridge loan through the emergency payroll protection program recently passed by Congress.

    But Randy Garutti, the CEO of Shake Shack, recently spoke to a friend in Seattle who owns three independent restaurants and discovered that his friend was unable to get a loan before the money ran out.

    Garutti and the board of Shake Shack decided to return the $10 million so that other small businesses that truly need the money could get it, and, hopefully, survive this shutdown.  Garutti went on CNBC yesterday to explain the decision.  You can watch his remarks here.

    The views here are those of the author and not necessarily Daily Surge.

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    Image: Shake Shack; Adapted from: Paul Sableman – Shake Shack, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=63694985

    Image: Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez; adapted from: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/; https://www.flickr.com/photos/nrkbeta/46438135835

    Gary Lee Bauer is an American politician and activist, who served in the Reagan administration. He later became president of the Family Research Council and a senior vice president of Focus on the Family. In 2000, he participated in the Republican presidential contest.

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