• Yes, It Still Could Happen: America as a Socialist Country?

    Surge Summary: Under Donald Trump it is unlikely to happen, but down the road it’s true America still could become a socialist country. If the Democrats have their way, it’ll happen. 

    I think, therefore I do.

    Over the years I’ve been around and listened to things, read things, or saw things, some opinions have been formed.  There are those people who will tell you that I’m “pig-headed” and stubborn as a mule.  Neither of those are completely true because the opinions that were formed and kept have not been proven to be wrong.  Why would it be necessary to change an opinion if what one believes is still true?

    Here’s an example of something that, even with modern technology, is still true: what goes up must come down.  We send satellites up, they do what they’re supposed to do and then, upon reentry to our atmosphere, they burn up…but they do come down.  Now here’s where someone will say “What about the International Space Station?”

    Yes, it’s up, and hasn’t come down but when it does, AND IT WILL, it will burn up in our atmosphere, I believe.

    Back in 2018 there was a little-known thing called the “Crossfire Hurricane” and it had nothing to do with the weather at all.  What it was, was the results of an investigation into the spying that the previous administration, that one run by Hussein and his Horde had done.  The new President, Donald Trump, said it was an unprecedented and profoundly un-American spying and sabotage operation against the 2016 Trump campaign.  For Hussein, however, it was just business as usual.  As time and trials will show, the administration of Hussein was more like an organized crime spree.

    It was revealed that the FBI illicitly put together a spy ring as part of something called Operation Crossfire Hurricane and that at least one informant was a member of the Trump campaign.

    As it turned out, the informant was named Stefan Halper, who is/was Director of American Studies in Cambridge University’s Department of Politics and International Studies and a research professor at the Institute of World Politics in Washington, D.C. Halper served in the White House during the Nixon and Ford administrations. Halper hates Trump. How he got on Trump’s campaign staff is not clear.

    With the flood of new evidence from recent days, it is becoming increasingly difficult to deny that President Obama – undeniably the most pro-Russian president in American history – and his men abused the powers of their offices not only to spy on then-candidate Donald Trump but also to undermine and lay the foundation for the overthrow of Trump’s administration.

    In recent months, it’s become increasing clear to me that the great John Bull, the Brits version of our Uncle Sam, is changing…and not for the better.  To call what’s going on in England anything but stealth jihad would be to put on rose-colored glasses and say there’s nothing going on that hasn’t been approved by someone in the government. Perhaps that would account for the change in the way children are being taught in the primary grades.  British values and traditions are being slowly, but surely, replaced.

    It has become an accepted thing to say that everyone is equal…but there is one group for whom that is not ever going to be true.  Something called The No Outsiders curriculum … teaches acceptance of people different from oneself, which is what brings pupils into contact with mutual respect for Christians, Muslims and Jews, the disabled, gays and everyone who might be considered “other”. “It should make absolutely clear that no group should be left out….”

    You might have guessed which group it is that will not, cannot, accept this.  If you said “Muslims” you would be correct.  Islam teaches that there cannot be peace (their definition of it) in the world until all are under Islam.  For more than two months now, a primary school in Birmingham in the UK has been at the center of a standoff between modern Western values and the concerns of a large group of Muslim parents. As early as April, reports said, fliers were targeting schools in Birmingham, Manchester, Oldham, London, Blackburn and Bradford.  Although it appears to be out in the open, the Islamic group(s) behind this are not stopping there.  They have been quite active in other areas of the government, and it’s been predicted that England will be a Muslim State by 2040 or 2050.  You have been warned, America…will you heed the warning?

    Our President has said that America will never be a Socialist country and, at the time he said it, I believed it as well.  However, as the top of this piece says, I think, therefore I do…and in this case the evidence is mounting that we COULD be a Socialist country. The next election in November of 2020 will not be the tipping point.  Trump will be re-elected and I believe it will be by a landslide.

    However, and this is the caveat, the 2024 election is going to be a whole lot different. As of this writing and unless things change drastically, Mike Pence will be the standard-bearer for the Republican party.  Pence is not Trump, and it may come to pass that he will get stronger as 2024 approaches, but the opposition is going to be stronger also.  Bernie’s Bros are going to be licking their chops for someone to take his place in 2024, and that person will be a strong Socialist, believe me.

    Parting shot: Be well, be safe, and behave.  Stay home, if you can.

    The views here are those of the author and not necessarily Daily Surge.

    Image: Adapted from: Tony Webster from Minneapolis, Minnesota – ‘Liberate America’, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=41790718

    Larry Usoff, US Navy Retired. Articulate. Opinionated. Patriotic. Conservative. Cultured enough so that I can be taken almost anywhere. Makes no excuses for what I say or do, but takes responsibility for them. Duty. Honor. Country. E-mail me at: amafrog@att.net

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