• A Prize For Lies: NYT’s ‘1619 Project’ Snags the Pulitzer

    Surge Summary: The Pulitzer Prize has been awarded to the New York Times ahistorical, falsehood-ridden 1619 Project. The work hits the anti-American bullseye, and so has earned the favor of Leftists, much of the media included. Bash the United States … win a prestigious prize!

    I was stunned [Tuesday] morning to read that the New York Times and one of its reporters won a Pulitzer Prize for the 1619 Project.  If you’re not familiar with the 1619 Project, good!

    It’s a progressive effort to indoctrinate our children with anti-American history, specifically the idea that America began with the introduction of slavery, and that the Revolutionary War was all about the preservation of slavery by the racist colonists.

    It is utter garbage.  Historians have denounced it.  Many black Americans are outraged by it, and fighting to get the facts straight.

    Even liberal columnist Andrew Sullivan mocked the award, tweeting:  “How many Pulitzer prizes have gone to essays that have had to subsequently publicly correct one of their core claims? Or been challenged by every major historian in the field, right and center and left?”

    But the left loves the 1619 Project because it fits the left’s anti-America narrative.  As one reporter infamously said of the Duke Lacrosse rape case, “The narrative was right, but the facts were wrong.”  Well, in this case the facts and the narrative are both wrong!

    In the left’s fevered mind, you don’t get a Pulitzer for reporting the truth, you get an award for delegitimizing America.  You don’t get a Pulitzer for exposing communist China.  You get a Pulitzer for bashing the leading proponent of freedom in the world.
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    Image: Adapted from: Daniel Chester French (1850-1931) – https://www.pulitzer.org/, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=73683575

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