• Censored or Informed? Negotiating Manipulated Media Outlets

    Surge Summary: As media and social media sites increasingly censor out ideas they don’t like, it is time for freedom-loving Americans to speak up, disconnect from them and link up with alternatives which permit the open exchange of ideas. 

    By Karen Testerman

    America, the place where a free exchange of ideas leads to innovative solutions to challenges and problems.  This is the land where if you work hard you have the freedom to fail or succeed.  This was the United States of America that men throughout the ages have fought to preserve our God given right to pursue.

    All of this is embodied in the first of the Bill of Rights that assures our ability to speak, to exchange those sentiments freely aka free speech.  Our Founders knew that whether you agree or disagree, the exchange of those sentiments, those ideas, those opinions must flow freely and unhampered.

    “Congress shall make no….”

    Yet at the hand of the hand of Congressman Adam Schiff, social media giants are encouraged to inhibit your ability to use the tools they developed, to block your ability to make informed decisions based on the free exchange of information.   Adam Schiff took the oath to defend the United States Constitution, yet uses his influence to stomp on the First Amendment.

    Google, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram…all are following these instructions to “to jointly combat fraud and misinformation”.

    This letter from Schiff says “Americans want and need to receive the best information possible…”  Who will decide what information you should be allowed to read or share?  It continues that “I urge you to adopt a similar practice for YouTube users and others who engage with harmful information on your platform, to proactively inform them and direct them to authoritative, medically accurate resources.”  Again, who will choose what is medically accurate?

    It continues to commend “YouTube’s commitment to remove videos with information that is medically unsubstantiated or contradicts World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations…”  That’s right, the WHO that President Donald J. Trump just suspended from funding?  The WHO that is coming into question on the accuracy of their information and the promotion of the fear.  Why must we follow WHO blindly?

    A handful of well-funded corporations control 90% of the media outlets.  Is it any wonder that the same three or four words come from each of the hundreds of outlets they control?  Like “safe and effective”. Is this an example of Lenin’s “a lie told often enough becomes the truth”?

    There is the wisdom that whoever “pays the piper calls the tune”.  That explains the repetitive chorus.  The Disney, Cox, Time-Warner/AT&T, Google, Apple and Facebook are backed by multi-millionaires.

    And are there deeper pockets that are engineering the messages?  Like the Rockefeller Foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and George Soros.  Are you the willing to allow this tyranny to continue?

    It’s time to walk away!  There are other social media outlets that are not owned by big corporations.  Your right to read and decide for yourself is at stake.  These online opportunities just need you to help populate them.  Walk away from the big, well-known giants and strengthen the little guys.  Who are they?  Codias.com, USA.Life, Parler.com, 1776free and Sphir.io to name a few.

    It’s time to exercise your free will to choose!

    The views here are those of the author and not necessarily Daily Surge.

    Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

    Karen Testerman is the host of the Karen Testerman Show on radio and co-host of the Chic Chattin Hour television show.  She is the founder of Cornerstone Policy Research, a former candidate for public office including Governor and a staunch constitutional, liberty loving American.  She lives with her husband, Dave, and Bouvier Dutch in NH.

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