• Coronavirus Forces an Answer: Are Today’s Americans Sheep or Patriots?

    Surge Summary The coronavirus outbreak and subsequent government reactions are forcing AMericans to confront the question: Are they sheep willing to supinely accept the loss of their rights? Or are they patriots resolved to support and defend the provisions of the Constitution?

    by Karen Testerman

    I’m from the GOVERNMENT and I’m here to help!!!   The most frightening words according to the late President Ronald Reagan.

    The question is often posed, How did Germany let it happen?

    We all have a fear of dying.  We are human beings.   We have a beginning, our birth, and we have an end, when our time for death arrives.  That death may be sudden from an accident from a fall or an automobile.  That death may come suddenly from a heart attack or from a lengthy disease.  It may even come from our own hand through suicide or a drug overdose.  But, we will all die.  Every death brings sadness to the survivors, but at some point, we will all die.  Yet our fear of death hovers over us as we fight to preserve life.

    How did Germany let the take-over by Nazism happen?  Now we know!  The government exploits our fear of death and the citizens march in lock step …Baa, baa black sheep…”Yes, sir, Yes, sir, social distancing sir, face masks, sir, stay at home, sir,” and it goes on and on.

    God is not essential, but your liquor store is.

    Every hour of every day we hear about the latest death toll due to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus.  But we don’t hear about the deaths due to suicide, or the deaths due to murder, or the deaths due to car accidents, or the deaths due to cancer, and the list goes on, … YET, we are plummeted with the latest positive tests and deaths due to the CCP.  And the result … the American people are panicked and afraid.

    Yes, we have flattened the curve.  But flattening the curve doesn’t prevent any death from occurring.  AND…

    We are being set up for subsequent outbreaks.  Why, because we are in the stay at home, don’t be exposed, no contact with other human beings mode of operation.

    The herd immunity that is oft referenced happens when large segments of the population build immunity in their own body.  How will you be exposed if you are not allowed to come in contact with the virus?  Through government controlled vaccination?

    Scientifically, if your immune system is healthy, you can be exposed to the virus at which point your immunity kicks in and you don’t necessarily need to exhibit symptoms.   Why?  Because if you have a healthy immune system, it will fight the virus, and build antibodies.  But if there is no exposure to the virus, you cannot build the antibodies and preventing mass numbers of the population from exposure will not result in immunity for the general population which is known as herd immunity.

    Additionally in our panic and fear we are giving up our rights as we march to the Pied Piper of Government.  Our right to freely assemble given up because we are ordered to stay at home.  Our right to practice our religion is given up as church leaders follow the government orders to limit the number of people who can gather together and the social distancing mandate.

    This is how Germany let Auschwitz happen.  The government issued orders, the people followed in lock step and then the people became active participants in the government atrocity.   Will you let fear and panic strip you of the God given freedoms our Founding Fathers and subsequent patriots fought to protect?

    Meanwhile, the Governor and Senator Jeanne Shaheen welcomed 91,000 pounds of personal protective equipment from where?  You guessed it?  China!!!  Are you kidding me?

    I’m from China and I’m here to help!  Help what?  Spread panic and fear by sharing viruses?  How you ask?

    We stopped travel to and from other countries.  We’ve even restricted travel between states and between our homes.  Other countries are returning personal protective equipment made in China because they are flawed and do not meet safety standards and/or contaminated and we are going to freely distribute without testing across NH?  Why?

    Evil persists because good men do nothing.   As Benjamin Franklin stated, “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

    What will you do?  Are you willing to fight for your liberty?

    The views here are those of the author and not necessarily Daily Surge.

    Originally posted here.

    Image by David Mark from Pixabay 

    Karen Testerman is a proven leader, defender of life, liberty and property, radio host and speaker. She is the founder of First Principles NH and also the founder and former Executive Director of NH’s Family Policy Council (Cornerstone Policy Research) and the National Heritage Center for Constitutional Studies.

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