• Is the Internet Purposely Designed to Frustrate? Or Is It Just Incompetance?

    Surge Summary: Why is it made so complicated and difficult for normal people to use the internet?

    by William Pauwels

    Email must have been created by ignoramuses!

    Everywhere you go on the Internet you need a new password or email address or God-only-knows!  And even when you have the right information — it often doesn’t work.  Always wants more info!

    And why does this computer keep capitalizing words at mid-sentence?

    I recently signed up for the daily sermon from a national religious figure I enjoy.  I filled out the chart they provided but it didn’t work.  So what’s new.

    I’ve ordered at least a dozen Audible books. Impossible to do on the Internet. I always end up – 15 minutes after I started — on the old-fashioned telephone — to get what I want.  Works every time in minutes!

    How is it I can simply phone a number and tell somebody what I want and get it — but not so with the internet?

    I can address an envelope and send a message via USPS — that gets there in two days?  And get an answer back in 5 days?

    I wish I was running one of these internet companies.  I‘d start by firing the entire computer group. Then I‘d start with some really dumb guys to organize an understandable, user-friendly system.

    The views here are those of the author and not necessarily Daily Surge.

    Image: stevedimatteo (pixabay.com); https://www.needpix.com/photo/1860760/frustrated-business-frustration-stress-corporate-upset-expression-workplace-free-pictures

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