• Time to Walk Away from Internet Platforms, Businesses that Disrespect Conservative Values

    Surge Summary: It is time for conservatives and other liberty-loving people to reject those social platforms, social media sites and businesses that try to trample on our rights and censor our point of view … and support those that uphold these values.

    by Karen Testerman

    Have you had enough of other people dictating what you can read, hear or do?  Are you fed up with political elites who were elected to represent you telling you how they will protect you?

    As I researched the original intent from the men who fought to establish this great country, I see nowhere that they wanted we the people to be told specifically how to conduct our daily affairs.  In fact, just the opposite.  The Constitution was specific in that this document was to control government.  Government is to be limited to the powers delegated to them.

    Congressmen and Governors need to take notice.  Letters to the heads of social media encouraging them to censor, limit and warn of alternative information and issuing extended stay at home orders need to cease and desist.

    For we, the people…it is time.  It is time to vote with our feet.

    It is time to #WALKAWAY!

    It is time to populate the businesses that won’t censor or restrict you. It is time to fight for our liberty to choose.

    If you are tired of Facebook and YouTube censoring your information and viewing opportunities…

    If you are tired of being limited in your online searches to what some guru in the sky decides should be allowed…

    If you believe that you should not be limited in your personal behavior by wearing a mask. If you want to protect your liberty, your freedom to make sound decisions based on the information you have.

    Then it is time to #WALKAWAY!

    Where can you go?

    There are many platforms on the internet where your individual liberties are respected.

    Platforms that will not track your searches.   Platforms that will encrypt your email messages.  Platforms that will not censor what you watch.

    What are they?

    Duck, Duck Go and 1776Free are search engines, for example.

    Codias.com, USA.life, Grassroots.Vote, Parler.com are social media sources that won’t censor your postings.

    Vimeo and Bitchute are alternatives to YouTube.

    When it comes to shopping, will you surrender and let the business remove your liberty to decide?  Say you have read information from reputable sources and you choose to wear or not wear a mask.  But the store requires you wear a mask.  Then claim your right to choose and shop elsewhere.  Or as one shopper did, request the written document that mandates all to wear a mask in New Hampshire.  The store management could not and allowed the shopper entrance.  Remember though that just as just as you have a choice the business can make choice.

    If you can’t find a storefront then there are multiple opportunities to shop online and have your items delivered to your front door or you can pick up your online order outside the store.  And there is a distinct advantage.  Money saved by limiting your impulse buying.

    Unless we use our freedoms we will most surely loose what freedoms we now have.

    Don’t let the COVID-19 boogie man trample the Bill of Rights!!!

    Don’t let the bureaucrats dictate and destroy the constitutional protection of your God given rights they swore to uphold.

    “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”  Benjamin Franklin

    The views here are those of the author and not necessarily Daily Surge.

    Image: Adapted from: Ludwig von Mises Institute – [1], CC BY 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=16931059

    Karen Testerman is the host of the Karen Testerman Show on radio and co-host of the Chic Chattin Hour television show.  She is the founder of Cornerstone Policy Research, a former candidate for public office including Governor and a staunch constitutional, liberty loving American.  She lives with her husband, Dave, and Bouvier Dutch in NH.

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