• As Riots Rage, We Simply Can’t Rely On the Media to Tell Us the Truth

    Surge Summary: As awful are the “George Floyd” riots, the media is giving a significantly inaccurate depiction of what is occurring … and who are the real victims.

    by Peter Heck

    I don’t care for the descriptive phrase that has been utilized often in the press this last weekend which suggested that “America burned.” America didn’t burn. For one, America is more an idea than anything else. It can die, but it can’t burn. But more importantly, the vast majority of places saw no violence. What burned were select places in major American cities.

    The riots were and are bad, no doubt. Yet so is the fear and panic porn so loved by our media culture. I found it interesting that when activist “Killer Mike” spoke recently at an Atlanta press conference standing in front of the chief of police and the city’s mayor, he said of CNN – whose headquarters was breached and vandalized just a day before:

    “I love CNN … but what I’d like to say to CNN right now- karma’s a mother. Stop feeding fear and anger every day. Stop making people so fearful. Give them hope!”

    CNN is very guilty of this, to be sure, but they are far from alone. Days before riots hit the streets, the same media was generating fear and panic porn relative to coronavirus. This was obviously a different issue, but it was the same template – one that Killer Mike wants to see stop.

    Don’t misunderstand, information is not the enemy. Deprivation of information is the enemy. Lack of perspective is the enemy. Lack of earnest pursuit of truth is the enemy. Prioritizing of a narrative is the enemy.

    It’s talking incessantly about the “pain” felt by rioters without acknowledging the obvious reality that an inordinate amount of cell phone footage showed white Antifa members engaged in the riotous conduct while Black Lives Matter protestors were begging them to stop.


    It’s ignoring the people being truly victimized by the riots.



    And that’s what our media that traffics in fear porn is guilty of committing. They have to be better.

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    This article originally appeared at TheResurgent.com..

    Image: Screen Shot; https://twitter.com/peterheck/status/1266910074385113088

    Peter Heck is a teacher, preacher, speaker, author, and servant of Jesus living in Kokomo, Indiana with his wife and three children.

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