• Nice Try, Media: This Isn’t Conservatives’ Pouncing…It’s an Outrage

    Surge Summary: For months we’ve been told we couldn’t gather or go about our lives in any kind of normal way because of COVID-19. Now, suddenly, it’s okay for thousands to gather together in the streets and protest … because the cause is approved by the Left and the Mainstream Media. Liberals want to dismiss outrage over this hypocrisy – but such a reaction is completely legitimate.

    by Peter Heck

    I know I’m far from the only one to poke the media for their shameless bias when it comes to the hilarious way they cover liberal scandals or embarrassments. I guess I shouldn’t even phrase it that way. In the world of America’s mainstream media these days, Democrats don’t have scandals or embarrassments. There’s just what conservatives *perceive* to be Democrat scandals and embarrassments.

    And thus, you can always count on those dirty conservatives “pouncing” or “seizing” on their unfair perceptions of what is always a completely nuanced, legitimate, and reasonable situation Democrats have gotten themselves into.

    Most recently, liberals were falling all over themselves just two weeks ago, accusing conservative state governors of not caring about the dead bodies that were sure to accumulate if people were forced to encounter one another in public. Amanda Mull took it to extremes with her unconscionably uproarious Atlantic piece “Georgia’s experiment in Human Sacrifice: The state is about to find out how many people need to lose their lives to shore up the economy.”

    COVID was not to be trifled with, and those who thought the livelihoods of millions was an acceptable reason to expose people to its terror were just, like, literally Hitler.

    Then something crazy happened. Left-wing campus activists, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and a slew of other Democrat Party demographic groups decided to take to the streets to protest and riot. And the COVID headlines disappeared. Just vanished overnight. Now, to be fair, Amanda Mull was not silent. No, she was suddenly on board with social interaction, tweeting her objection to government curfews! No, I’m not kidding:

    At least she had the common sense to delete it, which allows her media comrades to pretend like it never happened.

    The hypocrisy in all this was thick enough to choke on. So how did the media cover their Democrat allies being exposed? Just like you’d expect:

    Unbelievable. This isn’t my example of liberal hypocrisy, Politico. It’s liberal hypocrisy. And it’s outrageous.


    The political fallout that will occur following these last few months will be extraordinary. But make sure when listing the credibility of politicians that will be forever tarnished we also include the legacy of a corrupt media completely owned by a political party that has never been so obvious.

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    This article originally appeared at TheResurgent.com.

    Image: Adapted from: https://www.wallpaperflare.com/gray-scale-of-man-holding-his-forehead-alone-being-alone-wallpaper-znfmv

    Peter Heck is a teacher, preacher, speaker, author, and servant of Jesus living in Kokomo, Indiana with his wife and three children.

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