• Sensibly Reforming Police Is Rebuttal to Nutty ‘Defund the Police’ Movement

    Surge Summary: Defunding the Police is obviously not the answer to current law enforcement controversy. An annual audit that reviews police departments’ records and conduct leading to sensible and timely reform of police departments? That makes sense.

    by Candace Hardin

    The Democratic held states are in chaos today and the call is to “DEFUND THE POLICE.”

    Of course, these are the same people and politicians who were squealing, “ELIMINATE ICE AND BORDER PATROL, OPEN THE BORDERS,” a few months/years ago.

    Same old story, different day, these politicians hope to create enough problems to cause the average citizen to beg for any kind of law and order control, even if the solution is Socialism/Communism, just for a miniscule measure of safety.

    That has been the Left’s agenda all along, going back to George H. W. Bush who was a member of the Trilateral Commission and a One World Order hopeful. https://www.dauntlesspost.com/bush-familys-trilateral-commission/

    (For some highly informative info on this, read Hal Lindsay’s Late, Great Planet Earth.)

    Understandably, there are peaceful protestors, who have every right to do so according to the First Amendment. It is expected that people would be appalled by what happened to George Floyd.

    This is also an official answer Chris Cuomo’s question, “Who said that protests have to be polite and peaceful?”  https://www.foxnews.com/media/cnns-chris-cuomo-blasted-for-suggesting-protesters-dont-have-to-be-peaceful

    Yes, you Nimrod, protests are mandated by law, i.e. The First Amendment, to be “polite and peaceful.”

    The looting, burning and physical harm being meted out by violent “protestors” is coming from those who would destroy our Republic and bring about this One World/Socialist/Communist drivel.

    They are backed by the huge money machine George Soros, Direct Action.com, and MoveOn.org etc. These organizations are playing out an agenda by the Left to continue the COUP, (yes, it is an ongoing COUP,) that the FBI, and the those in Congress have enacted since 2016 to displace a legitimately elected President.

    The agenda went as follows:

    Trump comes down escalator.

    Trump wins nomination.

    “Insurance Policies” against the possibility of a President Trump were discussed by FBI.

    Trump wins and Trump Derangement Syndrome consumes the Left and the media with abandon.

    The Russian Collusion theory is set in motion sometime around November 2016.

    Mueller Report was instigated – Trump exonerated – no collusion.

    Ukraine phone call – bogus whistle blower ploy

    Impeachment – Failed – Trump exonerated again.

    Corona Virus – overstated and panic installed to the people in cooperation of the Democrats and the media.

    Virus hysteria was a failure – people rebelled against lockdown, especially in Democratically controlled areas where these governors and mayors practiced their dictatorial moves.

    Economy didn’t tank as planned – job creation and stock market went up.

    Possible last-ditch effort – Soros backed riots and destruction.

    What will they think of next? Will they bring the dinosaurs back through cloning? (This is being said in jest, but who knows?)

    However, this whole Coup attempt is ongoing and those whose agenda it is will never, ever give up.

    The simplest answer to the real issue of the tragic murder of George Floyd is police reform.

    Every publicly held company that is traded on the NY Stock Exchange has their financial books audited every year by an outside company.

    Why shouldn’t any type of law enforcement, the local, county and state and Federal law enforcement departments have the same thorough audit done on the records of all their personnel?

    An outside company that changes every year to keep down corruption and cronyism should audit the records of each law enforcement official, checking for less than savory reactions and actions to the cases they work. If there are any questions as to the behavior exhibited, training and/or dismissal can be recommended.

    When law enforcers are charged with a crime, their trial should automatically be set in a Federal Venue to provide them with a fair trial.

    If convicted, they should be released to the prison’s general population to serve their sentence. This action alone would deter most as the threat of reprisal by those they have incarcerated is a real concern.

    If the recommendations are not acted on, the next year, the administrator responsible will be summarily dismissed for not carrying out his or her duties. Legal charges should also be brought to the administrator with the same conditions as the law enforcement personnel.

    This plan would resolve all the problems in a police department and stop bad actors.

    The other way to reform the police is to eliminate the choke hold and retrain the force by teaching other methods of resolving problems.

    The forces that are driving the difficulties that the US is experiencing today are by no means accidental!

    Ask questions, put two and two together, vote and keep your powder dry. This country is in real peril and it is up to its’ citizens to rescue it.

    The views here are those of the author and not necessarily Daily Surge.

    Image: By Dllu – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=52907275

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