• Today’s Economic Upheaval: What’s the Decades-Old Root of the Problem?

    Surge Summary: Many of the problems in industry and business which we see revealing themselves today began decades ago when the personal relationship between employers and employees began to unravel.

    by Candace Hardin Littlejohn

    Today there is much unrest about corporate business, income equality and the working person’s wages.

    These concerns are valid ones. Most of the problem with all these things began sometime in the Nineties. Although it might be said it began in the Seventies with the administration who brought vast unemployment and inflation.

    (Guess who was president in the Seventies and the Nineties and to what party they belonged?)

    How did it begin?

    Prior to the Nineties, when the practice started in earnest, most jobs were part of a corporation or individual or partnership etc. These entities provided a product or service that was desired by the public. Most also provided health care, other benefits, and some type of retirement, be it a pension or saving plan.

    People had ownership in their job. They put in the time to receive added benefits and they did their job in a manner that would continue their employment. It was a cooperative. The boss needed the worker and the worker needed the boss.

    Then about the time of NAFTA and other idiotic deals to destroy middle class America, firms discovered that they could ‘farm’ out the services of the departments who had once kept the business in quality personnel and production.

    These companies who would contract to do the work once held by vested employees did not always have a set of conscientious workers to do the work. The corporations would only be interested in winning the contract. Keeping it was just a secondary thought because there were always more and more businesses which wanted to farm out their work.

    Professional relationships weren’t all that important. A contract guaranteed a certain amount of cash flow and next year was a long way off. Some took the money and later went out of business. At best, they had people showing up daily, but had little interest in their job.

    For example, factories and hospitals had Sanitation Departments. They had a department head who was accountable to the plant manager or hospital administration. The workers under them were asked to perform tasks in line with the overall cleaning and sanitary conditions of the location. Poor performance was punished, and the end result was a clean, safe environment.

    Hospitals that terminated their sanitation departments found a higher incident of Mersa infections and other diseases that were the result of a less conscientious and accountable staff employed by an outside company.

    During this time of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is already proven that factories, especially food processing plants, are experiencing higher rates of infection.

    Could it be for the reasons set out above, a lack of invested employees responsible for sanitary conditions, are causing these problems?

    The root of the problem is the relationship between employers and employees. The owners of the corporations have moved their companies to third world countries to take advantage of cheap labor. These products are the proof of “you get what you pay for.”

    Made in America used to mean the highest quality product.

    In America, it used to be that the employees held up the company and kept it going during adverse conditions. During the Depression, corporations/employers that could, stood by their workers and kept them going as well. When WWII came, companies adapted to the War effort and everyone pulled together.

    Together is a word that used to mean something. It is not just a slogan for partisan politics.

    It seems that the very leader who signed a deal to outsource jobs and the future of the American people is a part of a political group who seeks to divide the country and steal all of the joy out of anything that brings it.

    This same party wants to keep the citizens idle, high, or drunk and take away their dignity. They scream for a fifteen dollar an hour minimum wage, but this can only discourage people from getting a trade or education to further their opportunities.

    Entry level jobs are to inspire better things.

    Religion and the holidays that accompany it are a pariah to the Left as well. Anything that gives comfort within one’s self is taboo. No one is to have joy and fun. They want the government to provide everything, but who can trust someone else for those qualities?

    Yes, corporations have gone too far in their callous attitude to the worker. Yes, the CEOs receive the lion’s share of the value that used to be shared with the group. Yes, today’s work ethic is no where near the same as it used to be.

    What is to be done?

    Bring the factories and businesses back to America. Hire good people at a decent wage. Demand performance from said people and give them ownership in their jobs. Give them a future to look forward to and believe that they have secure employment.

    Other countries have no loyalty to America and will double deal if it benefits them.

    America must be true to its own in order to pull itself out of the problems that have resulted from the duplicitous dealing of the administrations that sold out the American Dream.

    America will always reinvent itself. As the original rebels, Americans will not tolerate unfair and intolerable conditions. That is the spirit in which this country was founded.

    The views here are those of the author and not necessarily Daily Surge.

    Image: Adapted from: Sbaofferincompromise – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=47366393

    Candace Hardin Littlejohn has been greatly influenced by the Appalachian culture and tradition of her native Western North Carolina Mountains. Fluent in Spanish, a student of history, Latin and ancient language, she has written for Politichicks.com and Clashdaily.com. She blogs at kandisays.blogspot.com and is publisher of the art/literary magazine Bohemian Renaissance. (Submissions welcome: [email protected].) Her first novel is:  The Adventures of Dr. Dorothy Jarrod, Volume I THE ORACLE. Available from: candacehardinlittlejohn.com or on Facebook (The Adventures of Dr. Dorothy Jarrod.) Her poetry collection Bared Expectations can be purchased on Amazon.com or on the website above. She plans to launch another novel by next year.

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