• Brave Voice: Professor Calls Out Fauci, COVID-19 Orthodoxy

    Surge Summary: Professor Emeritus Angelo M. Codevilla is publicly challenging the standard wisdom that has been propounded by the likes of Anthony Fauci and others – even President Trump — concerning coronavirus and the shutdown. The real motive of so many of the “experts” is to keep hold of the power the pandemic has bestowed on them over people’s lives.

    by David Lane
    American Renewal

    A Gideon stands.

    Angelo M. Codevilla (born 1943), a former professor emeritus of international relations at Boston University, served as a U.S. foreign service officer and member of president-elect Reagan’s transition teams within the U.S. Department of State. He retired in 2008.

    He has authored eight books and numerous articles.

    Dr. Codevilla is a senior fellow of the Claremont Institute, an American conservative think tank based in Upland, California, whose mission it is “to restore the principles of the American Founding to their rightful, preeminent authority in our national life.”

    His extensive and exceptional 21-page essay—The Covid Coup and How to Unlock Ourselves—provides essential reading for those wanting to understand the direct, persistent assault on sustainable freedom that is going on in America.

    “Panicked by fears manufactured by the ruling class,” he writes, “the American people assented to being put essentially under house arrest until further notice. Outside of the few who have gained [and are still gaining] power and wealth from the panic, Americans are asking what it will take to end this outrage.”

    History will show that the great 21st-century COVID-19 deception and disinformation stratagem of A.D. 2020—if we are still permitted to use the term “in the year of our Lord” following today’s incessant Marxist offensive against freedom of speech and religious liberty—was given its impetus by President Donald Trump as he without due consideration elevated Dr. Anthony Fauci (born 1940) at the expense of more equitable medical experts in the March and April nightly coronavirus briefings.

    Never mind that Dr. Fauci had been very wrong on various issues over his storied career. His blind, questionless trust in the outrageous Imperial College of London projection of 2.2 million U.S. Covid-19 deaths generated “arguably the most consequential period of government malfeasance in [American] history” (Heather Mac Donald, “Four Months of Unprecedented Government Malfeasance,” Imprimis, May/June 2020).

    Although renowned for his bestselling 1987 book, The Art of the Deal, it would appear that President Donald J. Trump was played like a fine Stradivarius by Fauci, Big Pharma, Democrat leftists and their insubordinate allies such as Antifa, Black Lives Matter, MoveOn.org, Fortune 500 companies fueling anarchy in America’s streets, George Soros and blue state governors and mayors invoking “science” to justify alarmist absolutism. This ignominious aggregation of malefic forces put 40 million Americans out of work.

    “But none of the words by which Fauci has helped inflict chaos on America have reflected either medical or epidemiological facts. Fauci has acted as, and has been, a politicized, partisan bureaucrat while pretending to be the disinterested authority of physicians and scientists. … Anthony Fauci’s pseudo-medical, pseudo-scientific pretense is the foremost pillar of the lie that COVID-19 is something like, and hence is to be treated like, the plague. … Sowing and maintaining confusion about the severity of cases of COVID-19 infections — indeed, about the very meaning of the word ‘case’—has been the heart of that lie. … Fauci retreated, no longer linking ‘cases’ to deaths, he used the panic he had helped foment and the credit that Trump had naively given him, to finagle Trump into agreeing to a staged plan to end the lockdowns which, upon closer look, was really a plan for perpetuating them regardless of what happened.

    With regard to the president of the United States having been relegated to playing second fiddle to Fauci and the deep state, former Republican House Majority Leader Dick Armey’s axiom comes to mind: “When you make a deal with the devil, you are always the junior partner.” Even Faust would have been appalled at the terms of this “Fauci-an” bargain.

    Last Thursday, July 23, quite tellingly, it was Fauci and not President Trump who threw out the first pitch of the 2020 season opener at Nationals Park, home of the 2019 World Champion Washington Nationals.

    During the initial phase of the coronavirus, we may have wondered where the spiritual men and women who surround the president were, those who should have been able to detect the massive spiritual deception that was being forced upon America. Did anyone from the Faith Advisory Board pray with him and offered godly advice or wise counsel?

    Marked by the exercise of good judgment and common sense, Dr. Codevilla exhibits clear and deep perception in his judicious article on the COVID-19 coupas the following passages will demonstrate:

    The U.S. Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation [IHME] modeled the authoritative predictions on which the U.S. lockdowns were based. Its model also predicted COVID deaths for un-locked-down Sweden. On May 3 it wrote that, as of May 14, Sweden would suffer up to 2800 daily deaths. The actual number was below 40. Whether magnifying this falsehood was reckless or willful, it amounted to shouting ‘fire!’ in a crowded theater. What justifies listening to, and paying, people who do that kind of science?

    In May the Centers for Disease Control, by then discredited professionally [though not, alas, in the mass media], was forced to conclude that the lethality rate, far from being circa 5% was 0.26%.

    And they [CDC] toyed with reporting deaths by attributing to COVID any that ‘involved’ or looked as if they might have involved it. They then included pneumonia, influenza and COVID into the category PIC. That is how the death figure came to exceed 100,000. But if the CDC had used the same criterion that it did with the SARS virus, namely ‘severe acute respiratory distress syndrome’, the figure by the end of June would have been some 16,000.

    “Such naked ploys could succeed only because the media colluded in them. The New York Times’ May 27 lead story ominously blared: ‘California is the fourth state with more than 100,000 known cases.’ Meanwhile, the number of deaths attributed to COVID continued dropping from ever-lower bases. By July 1, even using the CDC’s inflated figures for COVID-responsible deaths, COVID-19’s Infection Fatality Rate for people under 70 was 0.04%.

    In short, COVID-19 is not America’s plague. It did not shake America. The ruling class shook it. They have not done it ignorantly or by mistake. They have done it to extort the general public’s compliance with their agendas. Their claim to speak on behalf of “science” is an attempt to avoid being held accountable for the enormous harm they are doing. They continue doing it because they want to hang on to the power the panic has brought them.

    We begin by focusing on how seamlessly the Western world’s ruling class has translated the COVID-19 event into yet another of its weapons in the fight it has been waging this century against voters’ growing disaffection. Support for the lockdowns has become as integral to the American Establishment Left, i.e., to the Democratic Party, as belief in abortion, global warming, open borders, and censorship of whatever they choose to call ‘hate speech’. To understand this, one must realize that the ruling class’s campaign regarding public health, global warming, race, the rights of women, homosexuals, micro-aggressions, the Palestinians, etc. etc. have far less to do with any of these matters than with seizing ever more power for itself.

    As the activists of Black Lives Matter burn down buildings, they also wear masks supposedly to show their commitment to social responsibility for public health. Nor incidentally, they also tout their commitment to LGBTQ sexuality, for abortion, and against the nuclear family.

    In sum, the lockdowns have been perpetuated and prolonged by people who care more about your compliance than your health.

    At different times, these experts told us that the virus posed very little danger, and that it was a mortal threat to us all, that masks were useless, and then essential. On the basis of their many statements, hundreds of millions of American lives were wrecked, and millions continue to languish under “guidelines” that make no sense on their face.

    Americans ask by what right governors and mayors essentially put people under house arrest without due process, and had them arrested for such activities as playing in the park or paddling in the sea; by what right they shut down religious services and so on.

    It should be clear that the COVID event in America is only tangentially about health. It is essentially a political campaign based on the pretense of health.

    In order to survive:

    1. Prayer must be established in the home, culture and church. “Apart from the grace and power of God, deterioration is stamped on all human plans” (A.@. Pink). Please pick a day to fast and pray for America with us next week.
    1. “Righteousness exalts a nation.”Contemporary America willfully ignores that there is no safety in distance from God.
    2. “Prayer must accompany action, not replace it. That is why, on the shores of the Red Sea, God heard the prayers of Israel but wouldn’t respond by splitting the sea until they marched forward into the water. It is time for all of us to march forward into the waves” (Rabbi Daniel Lapin).

    As to action, more Gideons and Rahabs are beginning to stand.

    The views here are those of the author and not necessarily Daily Surge.

    Originally posted here.

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    David Lane is the founder of the American Renewal Project.

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