• Churches Burned … Media Is AWOL … So, What’s Up?

    Surge Summary: Three churches were burned over the weekend – and the media stayed relatively mum about it. What gives? Why the comparative silence? Could these church conflagrations be related to recent protests against Christian monuments? These are questions the Mainstream Media seems uninterested in probing.

    by Gary Bauer

    Fires ravaged churches in three states over the weekend.

    • In Ocala, Florida, a man crashed a minivan through the front door of a conservative Catholic church, then lit the interior ablaze while parishioners prepared for morning Mass.
    • And a Pentecostal church outside Huntsville, Alabama, caught fire Friday evening, destroying the sanctuary, bathrooms, and the fellowship hall.

    There’s a phenomenon in the news industry called spiking. It’s when a newsworthy story is withheld and not reported, often for political reasons.  And predictably, these church fires were barely mentioned by the national media.

    What do you think you’d be hearing about if three mosques had burned under suspicious circumstances?  It would dominate every newscast and appear on the front page of every national paper.

    How do you explain the scant coverage of three churches burning in one weekend?

    Investigative reporters should be asking whether the church fires have anything to do with recent protests against Christian monuments in recent weeks.  The Saint Gabriel Mission that burned in California was founded by Junipero Serra, a Franciscan priest whose statue was recently torn down by radical activists who claim he was a colonialist.

    I hope investigators take each of these cases seriously.  But there are two things we all can do in the wake of these fires.  We can pray for fellow believers to be safe.  And we can approach our religious leaders and ask them what their plans are to defend not only our houses of worship but also our religious freedom in an increasingly hostile society.

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    Image: Screen Shot: https://www.waff.com/2020/07/10/elkmont-church-destroyed-fire/

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