• Loving People — and Speaking Truth — in a Science-Denying Culture

    Surge Summary: Despite the modern age’s best efforts to deny reality – particularly on matters relating to sex and gender – science continues to shout the truth. The church and sensible people must continue to speak out about the way things really are as well.  

    by Robert Knight

    For people who insist on the primacy of “science” above all other sources of authority, there’s an enormous blind spot in their secular theology.

    In a rush to legitimize the feminist-LGBTQ agenda, they ignore clear, scientific reality regarding life and sex.  More importantly, they work to prevent anyone from having hope for recovery of natural sexuality.

    Their dishonesty is stunning.  Even as technology and science have revealed uniquely human babies in utero at the point of conception and beyond, they deny the child is human.

    Though genetics reveal a male or female DNA in every single one of billions of cells in the human body, they deny there’s anything natural about sex, insisting that gender is a social construct.

    Without any evidence from replicated, credible studies, they say that people are “born gay” and cannot change.  Or, people are born “transgender” and cannot change.  Therefore, laws must be rewritten to deny any counseling toward that end, and dissent must be criminalized.

    To LGBTQ activists, Bruce Jenner’s transformation into “Caitlyn” means forcing everyone to buy into his delusion of being a woman.  Hence, men who think they’re women should compete in women’s sports.  And girls should be Boy Scouts.  And on and on.

    Until and when sanity reasserts itself, we must stand strong. We must treat LGBTQ-identified people with compassion and respect as beings created in the image of God, but also stand for the truth – for their sake as well as ours.

    For Christians, that means rejecting the false doctrine sung by Lady Gaga in “Born that Way,” and instead spreading the gospel truth that we’re all sinners who need to be “born again.”

    That singular salvation message will become harder to convey in the totalitarian world being constructed by the ruling elites of our nation.  Having corrupted the media, the educational system, Hollywood, much of corporate America and even entire church denominations, they are erecting a massive legal barrier to telling the truth, equating it with “hate.”

    On June 15, the “conservative” U.S. Supreme Court ruled in a majority 6-3 opinion by Justice Neil Gorsuch, joined by Chief Justice John Roberts and the four leftists, that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 suddenly includes “sexual orientation” and “gender identity.”

    In practice, this means that sexual inclinations and any corresponding behaviors trump biology and all constitutional rights, such as speech, assembly, property and economic liberty. The scope of this hijacking of civil rights law in the Bostock case is breathtaking.

    The transformation of federal law into an LGBTQ battering ram will undermine morality, marriage, families, religious and economic liberty, and freedom of conscience and lead to more Maoist-style, coerced speech.

    The idea that this merely expands “civil rights” is nonsense.  It allows sexual behavior to nullify other civil rights.  As LGBTQ activist Chai Feldblum candidly observes, “Civil rights is a zero-sum game.”

    She’s right.  Enforcement of one right comes at the expense of another, arguably lesser right.  This is a bargain Americans originally accepted for the specific purpose of righting the wrongs of slavery and Jim Crow laws, not to bless “Drag Queen Story Hour” or condone the tragic influence drag queens are having on our upcoming generations.

    Unlike race, sexual behavior can be “fluid.” Litigants can claim limitless “orientations.” Facebook lists 58 “gender options.”  Virtually any behavior can be defended as part of a particular “identity.”  As Ms. Feldblum also says, “Gays win, Christians lose.”

    No matter how bizarre someone behaves, employers must look the other way.  The funeral home owner in the Bostock case was told he had no right to terminate a man who came to work dressed as a woman.  So what if his female attire might have confused and disturbed grieving families?  They need to get on the “woke” bus.

    The good news is that science can be ignored only so long, and a rising tide of voices in the Church and the scientific community is speaking truth to power.

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    Robert Knight is a former Los Angeles Times news editor and former Hoover Institution Media Fellow who writes a weekly column for the Washington Times, OneNewsNow, Townhall and others.  The author of 10 books, he has written extensively on family and cultural topics. In 1995, he wrote and directed the Family Research Council documentary about sex research pioneer Alfred C. Kinsey, “The Children of Table 34.” 

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