• Coming Nationwide? State’s Schools to Review Lessons for White Privilege and ‘White Supremacy’

    Surge Summary: Ohio schools are being accused of a “white supremacy” bias and thus are re-examining curriculum in nearly every area. Does that mean there are speech codes, quotas and more regulations on the way?  Is this move a canary in the coal mine of what is ahead for schools across the nation?

    by Mission America

    This is blatant propaganda and discrimination!

    Okay, get ready, Ohio. Your state school board has labeled Ohio schools as full of “white supremacy” and systemic inequities and so, everything is up for review this fall. There was a huge meeting and conservatives tried to stop this, and of course, were falsely labeled as “racists” for trying to halt myth-based propaganda which is actually in itself, racist.

    What will YOU do, parents?

    See the resolution HERE

    Excerpt:”…the State Board of Education directs the Ohio Department of Education to reexamine Standards and Model Curriculums in Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics and Science, making recommendations to the State Board of Education as necessary to eliminate bias and ensure that America’s white supremacy, racism and the struggle for equality are accurately addressed.”

    What will be judged to be “white supremacy”? That will be the key element here, because as we are seeing, almost any element of Western civilization is now considered “racist” to some. Statues are being defaced and some removed by Democrat officials.

    What’s next on the chopping block? The Fourth of July? The American flag?

    History is being eradicated.

    The Ohio State Board of Ed’s actions are not about actual relationships and racial harmony, but about false versions of past history, erasing some parts that don’t line up with approved narratives. This will result in speech codes, limited debate on almost anything, special interest group boondoggles, and quotas, including in sports. Schools are about to become severely regulated, rigid mind control labs where many elements of truth will not be allowed. Just read the resolution.

    They may consider adopting parts of the insane “1619 Project” dreamed up by an extremist at the New York Times. The president of the National Education Association, Lily Eskelsen Garcia, incorporated this newly- concocted (and inaccurate) version of American history in her recent online address to the NEA convention. She believes our country was founded 400 years ago by white Protestant males with money who acted solely to keep and expand their power.

    If you don’t want your children taught a pile of anti-American, racist, discriminatory garbage, then please sign the petition below.


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