• Commies Endorse Joe Biden for President … Well, at Least, Sort of …

    Surge Summary: The Revolutionary Communist Party USA has offered its tepid support for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. He joins a list of far-Left figures who are throwing in with the former Vice-President in order to defeat President Trump. Recall, Biden has promised to try to lead according to their values.

    I just saw this amusing endorsement for Joe Biden:

    “Biden is not ‘better’ than Trump, in any meaningful way — except that he is not Trump . . .  The struggle against this fascist regime needs to include voting against Trump by voting for Biden.” 

    Did it come from:

    A) Bernie Sanders
    B) Nancy Pelosi or
    C) The leader of the Revolutionary Communist Party USA?

    Well, it sounds a lot like other endorsements Biden has received from reluctant Democrats, but it’s actually from Bob Avakian, chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party USA.

    So the radical communists hate Donald Trump and are all in for Joe Biden.  I don’t think that comes as a big surprise to anyone.  Socialist Bernie Sanders wrote much of Biden’s platform, and Joe is promising to be “the most progressive president in history.”

    We must defeat the radical left!

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