•  I Must Thank the Democrats … Really … For the Current Condition of My Life …

    Surge Summary: The Democrats and accommodating Republicans have done a real number on America – and many individuals have paid the price for it. Here is the story of one of them, for whom the coronavirus lockdown was just the latest government- generated blow against her life and career.

    by Candace Hardin


    As I sit in my home, depressed almost to the point of suicide, because of the Corona Virus shutdown. I am unemployed, my friends are far away or nonexistent. When I feel blue, I have no one to talk to and no where to go.

    Everything I used to do to cope with my life is unavailable. Going to my favorite place to sip some iced tea and grab a little quiet time, can’t do it because of the shutdown. Can’t go shopping without smothering through a mask, which has questionable effect and efficiency.

    My dog died in April. The Corona Virus and dog shelters/rescues have picked up a dictatorial attitude like Democratic Governors with copious rules to vet me for my next pet. They want a person to fill out a mortgage like form to be ALLOWED to adopt a pet, if you own your own home and have a fenced yard. Later, they will provide the in-home visits. Sweet!

    I sit in the dark and reflect on my life, and I must give full credit to the Democrats for the direction and defunction of my career.

    Gather around and listen to this cautionary tale.

    Once upon a time, there was a career woman in America who worked hard. She worked and went to school at night. Ronald Reagan was in office and jobs were plentiful. She skipped from job to job to raise her salary. Things were good and lasted through both terms of Reagan. George H. W. Bush was a disappointment, but it was something that happens.

    Later, an exciting new guy exploded onto the scene. He was young, he played saxophone, he had his strong, feminist wife with him, who said she was not a, “Stand by your man,” kind of woman. (Kind of conflicting talk, as she did nothing but stand by and enable her man as he raped and fondled his way around and around. Anyway, I digress.)

    Bill and Hillary, pride of the DNC, they were quite the dynamic duo. Their larcenous and personal traits were grotesque enough. See Bill with Jeffrey Epstein and Hillary taking White House mementos home with her, as the State Department requested their return or Secret Service were sent to fetch them. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/hillary-clinton-stole-white-house-furniture/

    Bill Clinton did the following:

    Gave big money to North Korea to “behave.” (And claimed it was a “good deal” for America)

    Gave China weapons technology – https://canadafreepress.com/article/flashback-bill-clinton-gave-china-missile-technology

    Gave China satellite technology – https://www.nytimes.com/1999/05/11/world/clinton-approves-technology-transfer-to-china.html

    Signed Nafta and aided the decline of American manufacturing – https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2016/09/how_bill_clinton_sent_manufacturing_jobs_to_china.html

    I could go on, but there is no need to heap all the praise on Slick Willy.

    George W. Bush, a RINO by any other name, judging by the last election, he is really a Democrat. He got us in costly wars and allowed Henry Paulson to save the rich folks and put the rest of us in the beginning of the Recession. https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2009/08/pers-a11.html

    Paulson had to give a tip to his big old money pals, in case you didn’t know. https://theweek.com/articles/479844/hank-paulsons-astonishing-insider-tip-wall-street

    Then, of course, we move onto Barack Obama, Mr. Wonderful. He did zero for the financial health of the average American, but, DAMN, he could throw some good parties and take some awesome vacations. During his administration, he did many things to ruin health care, apologize for all America’s good deeds to the world, tax and spend, host the lowest job growth and GNP every year.

    I lost my three businesses during his reign and had to file bankruptcy. Times got hard and it was great fun when my minor child had to lead me crying from the grocery store because I couldn’t afford to buy food for my family.

    I was unemployed twice in 2010. I finally got a job in 2011, at 60 % less than my previous income, and I was relieved to find that position. I lost a house and a car to foreclosure.

    All my friends began leaving the city as they could not find a job or make a living. There wasn’t much fun with friends anymore.

    I kept working, clawing my way to survive and go forward.

    So, all of that was authored by the Dems, but Obama had parties and concerts in the White House every weekend, on our dime.

    I fought on, thinking that all that I lost just wasn’t my destiny. Trump came in and things began to improve, bringing us to 2019. However. I didn’t get a raise at all from the years 2011 to the last day I worked before the Corona Shutdown in 2020.

    I shifted my goals and finished my first novel January 2020. I was full of plans to self- publish and promote it. I had book signings and readings scheduled for weekends in 2020. I was looking forward to going from town to town on the weekend for its promotion.

    BOOM!!!!!    CORONA VIRUS!!!!!!

    Everything shut down, plans dashed AGAIN.

    You say, how does that equal Democrat culpability?

    I refer you to the above, Clinton, China, Obama, Wuhan Flu, all fall in place like dominos.

    Unlike my best friend, who thinks it is all personal against him, I don’t feel that special.

    What I do feel sure about… is that it is okay for all of us to DROP DEAD if the Democrats get Trump and destroy America at the same time.

    So, boys and girls, that is my sad tale due to the input of the Democrats. Hope your lives go more smoothly. Make wise choices when you vote.


    THE ORACLE by Candace Hardin

    Following a painful divorce Dr. Dorothy Jarrod, archaic language specialist, has accepted a secondary position in a far away, minor community college in order to escape her embarrassment at the betrayal of her ex-husband in her North Carolina hometown.

    She is surprised as an invitation to join an archeological dig in Scotland presents itself just as life seems to be beating her down. Her old graduate school professor needs her language skills to try and decode some stone tablets, at least that is what he says.

    She gets on the plane to a new life and adventure. She makes a friend in Jim Buchanan from Edinburgh. He is a civil engineer, yet there is more below the surface of his role in this new experience.

    Along the way, people and events from the past start to appear in her dreams. The closer she gets to the meaning of the tablets, the more visions of the past intrude on her present life, sapping her strength.

    Soon all will be revealed as Dorothy steps into power and control as the state of good and evil hangs in the balance.

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    Candace Hardin Littlejohn has been greatly influenced by the Appalachian culture and tradition of her native Western North Carolina Mountains. Fluent in Spanish, a student of history, Latin and ancient language, she has written for Politichicks.com and Clashdaily.com. She blogs at kandisays.blogspot.com and is publisher of the art/literary magazine Bohemian Renaissance. (Submissions welcome: [email protected].) Her first novel is:  The Adventures of Dr. Dorothy Jarrod, Volume I THE ORACLE. Available from: candacehardinlittlejohn.com or on Facebook (The Adventures of Dr. Dorothy Jarrod.) Her poetry collection Bared Expectations can be purchased on Amazon.com or on the website above. She plans to launch another novel by next year.

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