• Head-Scratcher: Democrats Willfully Choosing to be Party of Lockdowns, Closed Schools, Riots

    Surge Summary: It seems Democrats are making one wrong-headed move after another, repeating the pattern of 2016: finding a way to assure Donald Trump wins the presidency in November. It’s a gift to the current president, given him by those who say they want him out of the White House at all costs.

    by Peter Heck

    Anyone who thought the presidential race, or its companion race to control Congress, was over in early June as they watched a spike in coronavirus cases that was rivaled only by the concurrent spike in Joe Biden’s poll numbers, was kidding themselves. For a number of reasons, it should have been evident that this election year, perhaps far more than any previous, there was far more of the story to be written. It is 2020, after all.

    And now, just a couple months later, the coronavirus tide has turned, schools are reopening, everyone who believes in science knows that the others that haven’t yet should, sports have ramped up, the U.S. economy is attempting to rebound, violent left-wing protests continue to spiral out of control in a number of large, Democrat-controlled cities, and Donald Trump is pulling even (if not ahead) of Biden in several key battleground states.

    Of course, this is only early September. Expect about 1,500 things to happen in the course of the next two months.

    But if there’s one thing that is trending in the president’s direction, it is something that is being gifted to him. Inexplicably, the Democrats own branding and approach to this current season in America is drawing stark lines of distinction. In an attempt to win over their own increasingly radicalized base, the left is playing right into Donald Trump’s hands.

    Right now, the Democrats have willfully (and that’s really the key here) become the party of closed schools, street riots, and lockdowns. Again, this isn’t a caricature that Donald Trump has strategically and masterfully wrapped around their necks. They’ve boldly and intentionally done it to themselves.

    They are the party that has discouraged school re-openings, with leading Democrat faces and figures pushing for virtual schooling, hybrid learning, or any and all other approach that puts parents and families in an impossible position to coordinate, plan for, and execute professionally.

    They are the party that has encouraged, promoted, and even financed street protests and graffiti hoping to woo the participants into a motivated, angry voting bloc. When the protests turned violent, they are the party that has resisted any effort to reign them in, even allowing anarchical enclaves to overtake significant portions of streets and city blocks. All poll-motivated pushback now is as transparent as it is disingenuous.

    They are the party that promotes continued iron-fisted government lockdowns on citizens and commerce despite growing evidence that they were stunningly ineffective and that the virus will work its way through the population as all other viruses do, regardless of how long we hide. As recently as last week, Joe Biden was voicing his willingness to order a nationwide lockdown if “experts” called for one. Democrats can’t escape that statement and what it says to small and big businesses trying to recover.

    Consequently the left is managing to do precisely what they did in 2016 – find a way to manage to lose to a guy who should have never had a chance at winning. Then they accomplished it by nominating the most notoriously corrupt and unlikable politician in modern American history. This time they seem to be doing it by hamstringing their nominee to stupid and indefensible policy positions.

    Ben Shapiro said it best:

    It’s starting to look like even that will prove too tall an order.

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    This column was originally posted at The Resurgent.

    Image: Queven’s picture on Pixabay . 

    Peter Heck is a teacher, preacher, speaker, author, and servant of Jesus living in Kokomo, Indiana with his wife and three children.

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