• Pigskin Pundit: Coronavirus Thumps the NFL, But Week Three Presses On

    Surge Summary: Game predictions and analysis from a COVID-19 ravaged NFL, week 3.

    by Pigskin Pundit (Nate Clark)

    Even though Covid-19 hasn’t whacked the NFL in terms of sickened players or coaches, it certainly swept in with a ruthless scythe this week as scads of players went down with injuries that can probably be traced to lack of a full preseason in which to condition and get into game shape.  The carnage was heavy, costing teams like the Niners several of their top players, and league stars like Saquon Barkley, Christian McCaffrey, Courtland Sutton, Drew Lock, Davante Adams and Tavon Young all fell to injury, some out for the year.  There were bright spots as well, with the re-emergence of Cam Newton, the grit of an improving Vegas team, and the half-field howitzer that is Harrison Buttkicker of the Chiefs.  I improved to 11-5 last week, and stand at 20-12 for the season.  Let’s get to the picks.

    Dolphins at Jaguars – This battle of the Suntan State is actually interesting.  The Jags have shown an unexpected resilience in a year when everyone saw them as sellers and not buyers, and the enigmatic Fitzpatrick and his Dolphins can dispatch a complacent opponent at any time with surprise pluck and desire.  In this duel of facial hair, the Moustache shaves the Beard.  Jags have the swag.

    Texans at Steelers – Houston needs a win before this season stampedes away from them, but Pittsburgh is going to be a tough bull to ride.  Tomlin’s Terrors are more likely to corral the Texans and steer them into 0-3.  Pittsburgh puts cold Steel to the Bullheads.

    Bengals at Eagles – I want to pick the Bengals but…well….Philly just HAS to awaken at some point and remember they are the Eagles.  This is the opponent to start the turnaround with, not that Joe Burrow is going to make it easy for them.  Beagles nip the Bengals.

    Niners at Giants – This is the ambulance game…NYG lost their offensive engine when Barkley got carted, and SF lost most of its running game, pass rush and some of Garoppolo’s mobility in a carnage-laden game last week.  The Niners still have enough to vanquish the Bronx Bookends and complete the sweep of NYC.  Danny Dimes comes up with empty pockets as Gotham gags up another loss.

    Raiders at Patriots – Undefeated Vegas took the Saints to the Strip and tarnished their haloes last week.  They fly east for an early game on a short week….New England used to be the house of horrors for road teams, and they turned in a better-than-expected performance last week, nearly ripping a road win away from the powerful Seahawks in the last 3 seconds.  Their defense will determine whether Foxboro is still the graveyard of ambitions this week.  Pats hit the Slots for a win.

    Titans at Vikings – Okay, I’m out on Minnesota.  If Dalvin Cook doesn’t rack up 120 on the turf, the Purple Pretenders are going down again.  Dalvin is due for a big game, though, and the Titans weren’t sharp against the run last week.  O Tannehill continues his embarrassment of Miami by playing in the top echelon of QBs again this season.  Titans frighten by spiking the Vikings.

    WFT at Browns – The Washington Snyders are heading into an Ohio storm, methinks.  Cleveland beat up a weaker opponent last week, and looks hungry to feast again on the fruits of ineptitude.  Creampuffs are the main course this week.  Browns roundly pound the Whatnots down.

    Rams at Bills – Now we’re talking.  Two 2-0’s smashing X’s and O’s to see who leaves at 3-0.  Rams and Ramsey are a no-fly zone, while Buffalo has several ways to ground-pound opponents, including their 6’5” gunslinging QB.  The Diggs-Ramsey matchup should be epic…and chippy.  Allen’s artillery slams the Rams.

    Bears at Falcons – Fact: Atlanta is better than their record….again.  Fact: Chicago is not as good as theirs.  The Falcs are due for a nice win, and this is the opponent.  Flyin’Ryan can’t make onside kick plays for Atlanta, but by gum he can pile up the passing yards and QB ratings.  If his O-line can keep him upright against DaBears pass rush, Atlanta should soar to their first win.  Peaches ruin the bruins’ perfect start.

    Panthers at Chargers – The Carolina Cats are too nicked up to handle the voltage the Chargers will dish out this week.  Tie-Rod is set to resume under center after his heir-apparent played like one last week, leaving us to wonder when Anthony Lynn will have seen enough of Taylor and kick-start the Herbert era.  Without McCaffeine, the Panthers are defanged by the Bolts.

    Jets at Colts – The New York Gaces prepare for another loss…and another head coaching change.  It’s like watching The GangGreen Mile, with ‘dead man walking’ when Adam Gace takes the field.  The feisty Colts will prance and caper all over the J-E-T-S JetsJetsJets, because they have The Reich Stuff, to steal another movie title.  Maybe Darnold can star in the remake of Escape From New York someday soon….and the Oscar for best performance goes to….Indianapolis.

    Cowboys at Seahawks – It took A Momentary Lapse of Reason, as Pink Floyd phrased it, for Dallas to beat winless Atlanta last week.  They gave up 4 aerial tds to Matt Ryan, and struggled with defending the ground game.  Those weaknesses will be brought into sharp focus this week when unbeaten Seattle exploits them repeatedly.  Simple math: Russell Wilson > Matt Ryan = 3-0 Seahawks.

    Buccaneers at Broncos – Tompa Bay is getting their feet underneath them with the personnel upgrades this season, and even though timeless Brady is not what he once was, he is smart and will figure out how to maximize his abundant weapons on this new team.  Denver is struggling with Drew Lock going down, and they just can’t maintain enough forward progress to overcome their talented visitors.  Pirates punish the Ponies.

    Lions at Cardinals – A culture of losing is hard to reverse after generations, so pity the poor Lions fans, cuz there ain’t no end in sight.  The Rocket Scientist is a flameout, never really getting off the launching pad.  Hey, Matt Patricia, instead of berating the Press for their posture and wardrobe, how about YOU show a little ‘respect’ for the game and hang a few W’s on the board?  Not this week, though, because Cliff Kingsbury is going to hang another L on your unfortunate team.  Birds eat the Cats this week.

    Packers at Saints – Preview of the NFC championship matchup?  I say nay-nay.  I think the Saints have shown age and weakness somewhat this year, while Green Bay seems strong again like they were last year.  Kamara will give the Pack difficulty, but the ‘other’ Aaron lugging the leather for Lambeau will provide at least as tough a challenge for Payton’s patrollers.  The Cheese stands alone in N’awlins.

    Chiefs at Ravens – AFC championship preview?  I think so.  I like Ballsomemore to stiffen against the wonderful-but-not-invincible Chiefs on MNF, and hand them their first defeat.  The Ravens are built to be a dynasty, and they are deep everyplace they need to be.  We all know what KC is, but they have looked a bit vulnerable last week against a clearly inferior team and rookie QB who wasn’t supposed to play.  Any way you slice it, this is the future of the NFL on display Monday.  Blackbirds defeather the Chiefs.

    Enjoy the games!


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    Nathan Clark is a conservative commentator who resides with his wife in New Hampshire. He is passionate about preserving the vision of our nation’s Founders and advancing those tried and true principles deep into America’s future. His interests range broadly from flyfishing, cooking and shooting to pro sports, gardening, live music and fine-scale modeling.

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