• Practical Alternative: Fighting Back Against America-Hating Curriculum

    Surge Summary: In the face of Leftist propaganda like “The 1619 Project” which is poisoning the minds of the next generation – even in America’s public schools – men like Bob Woodson and Ian Rowe are producing an option like “1776 Unites”. This alternative offers young people portraits of black Americans who prevailed and prospered by walking out the founding principles of the United States, rather than rejecting them.

    by Peter Heck

    It’s all about the next generation. That’s the key point that leaders and organizers of the leftwing cultural revolution understood generations ago, which is largely why we are in the situations we find ourselves in today.

    Take a look at any of those surveys of Americans’ understanding about our own history, about the dangers of communism and socialism, about race, and you’ll see precisely how successful the left’s complete dedication to re-writing the curriculum of American classrooms has been.

    On that last point, consider the recently produced 1619 Project that despite its multiple historical inaccuracies, misrepresentations, and flippant disregard for real scholarship, continues to find adoption in far too many American schools. The brainchild for discredited New York Times staff writer Nikole Hannah-Jones teaches young Americans to reinterpret every moment of our history through the lens of racial grievance – even going so far as to mark the inception point of American civilization as the moment the first slave ship arrived in North America.

    It’s a recipe of cultural loathing and the kindling necessary to burn Western Civilization to the ground. To not take it seriously is to write the death warrant of the great American experiment.

    That’s why the work of civil rights veteran Bob Woodson and his colleague Ian Rowe is so important, and why it deserves amplification. Together, the pair has created a curriculum program entitled “1776 Unites,” which is intended to draw attention to real-life accounts of black Americans who prospered by embracing the founding principles of the United States rather than appealing to victimhood.

    As Rowe put it,

    “Let millions of young people know about these incredible stories, African-Americans past and present, innovative, inventive, who faced adversity, did not view themselves as victims, and chose pathways to be agents of their own uplift.”

    Woodson, who after years of activism in the American civil rights movement certainly knows a thing or two about racism and the importance of overcoming corrosive beliefs with inspirational truth, argues that the messaging so prevalent in conversations pushed by the woke crowd simply must be countered.

    In his eyes, young people are taught,

    “that America should be defined as a racist society where all whites are culpable and guilty of having privilege and therefore should be punished and all blacks are victims that should be compensated.”

    Anyone who has been paying any attention to the curriculum changes to American history courses around the country cannot dispute that assessment.

    And we have to do better if the civilization is to survive. Thankfully, the work of men like Woodson and Rowe, and the potential of programs like “1776 Unites” gives us a fighting chance. I don’t know Woodson or Rowe, have no ties to their curriculum or any of its distribution. But as a history teacher who still believes in the greatness of America being defined in our relentless pursuit of a more perfect union, I can’t encourage you – parent, grandparent, teacher, homeschooler, public school board member, principal – enough to check it out right now .

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    This column was originally posted in the Resurgent.

    Image: Picture of Larry White on Pixabay . 

    Peter Heck is a teacher, preacher, speaker, author, and servant of Jesus living in Kokomo, Indiana with his wife and three children.

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