• President Has the Legal Authority to Confront the Evil of Riots Plaguing America

    Surge Summary: For evil to be defeated, it is necessary for evil to be identified and dealt with honestly. Democrats increasingly seem unwilling to do that. Some Republicans apparently are willing to go along with them. The President of the United States has the legal authority to confront the evil of rioting that is destroying America’s cities.

    by John DeGroff

    So, exactly what is meant by “pure evil”?   Let’s start with a dictionary definition of evil, then you can draw your own conclusion.

    Evil: morally reprehensible, sinful, wicked; arising from actual or implied bad character or conduct; causing discomfort or harm; something that brings sorrow, distress or calamity.

    The focus here, of course, is the behavior of the Democrats.   It would be easy to only discuss the current state of national affairs, but with the Democrats, it goes much deeper, and for a far more prolonged period of time.   Things have gotten to the place where the Dems no longer even try to hide their intentions, let alone their complete hatred and disdain for America, let alone President Trump. There are two main areas where their evil is on open display: The Wuhan Kungflu Overreaction, and the continual riots.

    In regard to the COVID-19 situation, here’s the best description I’ve read yet that accurately sums up how they’ve handled it.

    Never forget what kind of ghouls these tyrants are.  Denying free human beings the ability to earn a living in their chosen profession is and always will be evil.  Quarantining and imposing restrictions on the healthy is and always will be morally wrong. Preventing the sick from being allowed to try a drug that could help them based on politics alone is sick to the core.  These things should be resisted by freedom loving people with every ounce of our being.

    (from “The Battle Against Corona Fascism Could Be The Existential Fight Of Our Generation” by Scott Morefield, Townhall.com 8/24/2020)

    Check out Mr. Morefield’s entire article.  It’s another one of those I wish I’d written.  He really nails it. Here in Indiana where I live, our so-called Republican governor Eric Holcomb has just extended his “mask mandate” for another 30 days.   People are so sick of this stuff that in several counties, the local Sheriff’s Department has issued statements that they won’t enforce the mandate.   Unless you decide to become a total a-hole and create a disruptive scene in a business establishment that “requires” masking, you will not face consequences.   That’s the way it should be nationally.   If you’re that scared that you need to wear a face bra, then do so, but don’t deny the freedom not to, to those who don’t.  Sorry to say that our governor has turned complete RINO.   I think his political career is over.

    The seemingly endless riots in Democrat controlled cities show it’s obvious that the Democrats are on the side of the rioters, which are mostly BLM activists and Antifa.  During their recent “virtual convention”, not one Dem acknowledged the violence.   Forget policy proposals, it was nothing but pure Trump hatred.

    Dem hypocrisy has been on open display regarding their reaction to the violence. Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkin was okay with CHAZ/CHOP until they came to her neighborhood.   Chicago’s Lori Lightfoot did the same.   She took much needed police resources from the city in order to safeguard HER home and neighborhood.  Portland’s Ted Wheeler even tried to join the “protestors” at one point.

    Portland itself is perhaps the best example of Democrats’ hatred toward America as a whole.  The rioting has been going on for 80+ days.  When President Trump sent in federal troops to protect federal property, it was regarded as Gestapo tactics.  Portland promised to stop the rioting if the troops left.  They left, but the rioting continues.

    President Trump is entirely within his authority to send in troops.  This authority comes from the Insurrection Act of 1807.   This is a U.S. federal law (U.S.C. sec 251-255, prior to 2016; U.S.C. 331-335 amended 2006-2007) empowering POTUS to deploy U.S. military and federalized national guard troops within the U.S. in certain circumstances, such as civil disorder, insurrection, and rebellion. One requirement is that before invoking the act, POTUS, must publish a proclamation ordering insurgents to disperse.

    The Insurrection Act gives the president specific power to…

    *When requested by a state’s legislature or governor to address an insurrection against the state

    *To address an insurrection in any state which makes it impractical to enforce the law

    *To address an insurrection, or domestic violence, unlawful combination or conspiracy in any state which results in the deprivation of constitutionally secured rights and where the state is unable, fails, or refuses to protect said rights.

    12 Presidents, starting with Jefferson in 1808, have invoked the authority of the Insurrection Act.  President Trump has the right, and the authority to use this power.  While the media and his detractors focus only on Trump’s personality, his ego and his tweets, it’s his actions that show the true intent of his character.  It’s evident that he does not want to turn the U.S. into a war zone.   The Dems have already done that.  Personally, though, I think his patience is nearing its limit.

    This article started with the dictionary definition of evil.  Let’s look at what scripture says.

    Woe unto them who call evil, good, and good, evil; who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!   Isaiah 5:20

    Whoso rewardeth evil for good, evil shall not depart from his house.  Prov. 17:13

    …an evil man, out of the evil treasure of heart, bringeth forth that which is evil… Luke 6:45

    For everyone that doeth evil hateth the light, neither comes to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved.  John 3:20

    Abhor that which is evil; cling to that which is good.  Rom. 12:9

    In closing, it’s become very apparent what kind of evil we’re facing as a nation.  The Democrats and their allies, in both the media and the street, are those “domestic enemies” we’ve been warned about. I’ve written this before, but it needs to be repeated:  if you call yourself a Christian, how can you be a Democrat/Liberal/

    Socialist/Progressive?   Being judgmental here?   No, not according to scripture:

    “By their fruit (i.e. works) shall ye know them.”   Matt. 7:16


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