• Rumblings to Continue: Expectations Up to November’s Elections … and into 2021

    Surge Summary: Even if Trump wins the upcoming election, crises and controversy are expected to persist into the next year. Riots, pandemic lockdowns and PPE and economic struggles will continue.

    By John DeGroff

    With the 2020 election only weeks away, this extremely pivotal event will probably be the culmination of a total train wreck of a year.  Not that certain events and “activities” will magically cease come January 1, 2021; no, expect the Democrats to continue their anti-American ways with more intensity than before.  What follows is a partial list of what I believe we can expect during the next couple months, and unfortunately, well into next year.  So, in no particular order:

    The Passing of Justice Ginsburg

    The death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg at age 87 last week has shifted everyone’s focus to the Supreme Court.  Of course the Left doesn’t want President Trump to have another conservative on the court. Of course, the rest of us do.

    This is the best example of the phrase “October surprise” we’ve experienced in years.  If you’re not familiar with that phrase, it means a news event that is either completely spontaneous or deliberately created just before a major election.  RBG’s passing is 2020’s “October surprise” come early.  If you think the Dems were awful during the Kavanaugh hearings, that’ll look like a Sunday School picnic compared to what we should expect them to do this time around.

    Mask Mandates

    More and more Americans are plainly saying “F  U” to masks.  Do they help? Do they hinder?   What’s the real “science” this week?  Some people have worn them since March.  In a few cases, extended wearing has caused more harm than good, in the form of a fungus type growth developing in the lungs, and even extreme dental conditions.

    The wide spread attitude now is enough is enough.  From the beginning, after the flatten the curve deadline came and went, I personally started thinking masks were nothing but a population control device, similar to the yellow Star of David that the Nazi’s made the Jews wear in 1930s Germany.  Expect this to end soon, when enough people have had enough.

    Riots and Civil War

    The seemingly unending riots, looting and arson we’ve seen this summer are the Left’s version of scrimmage before the actual war.  No Democrat in a leadership position has denounced this or called for it to end.  Even a few random mentions that the rioting made Biden look bad in the polls didn’t do the trick.

    There are two ways this behavior will end: 1) when the weather gets bad, or 2) when people have had enough and start shooting to kill.

    No one wants option #2, but expect it to start happening if BLM and Antifa come to small town, rural heartland America.  The choice is totally up to the rioters concerning option #2.  It WILL be civil war under those circumstances.

    School and Church

    In a way, this sort of goes along with the mask mandate nonsense.  The government suppression of our schools and churches has become, for many, part of “social distancing” and “the new normal”.  (I still say New Normal is a great name for a laxative, but I digress.)

    What it amounts to is that we are paying taxes for schools we can’t send our kids to.  Our Constitution guarantees our right to worship, but many churches remain closed.  A lot of other information has been published concerning the damage NOT sending kids to school has caused.  There are also quite a few reports regarding state and local officials (especially in blue states) fining pastors and their congregations for daring to gather together for worship.  I don’t expect this to end with the election, but I do feel a backlash is coming, especially from the parents of school age children.

    The Economy

    The country was enjoying one of the best economic upturns in decades until The Great Wuhan Kungflu Overreaction knocked it off the rails.  Minority populations and women in general were experiencing better wages and opportunities than during the B. Hussein Obama years.

    While the economy is incrementally limping back, there is still a lot of damage to repair. Too many small businesses are gone for good.  In Indiana where I live, over 900,000 Hoosiers have received no stimulus help to date.  For some it’s going to be too little, too late.  Others will find a way to struggle back.

    The truth is that the economy will not go back to pre-Wuhan Kungflu levels until all lockdowns end and not until all mask mandates and social distancing madness ends as well.  I don’t personally expect this to happen after the election…and remember that Biden wants nation-wide masking and lockdowns.   Just expect the outcry and pushback to start getting even more intense.

    President Trump

    I expect President Trump to win a second term.

    I expect the Democrats to contest the results, claiming voter suppression, voter fraud, foreign interference, polling place irregularities of all kinds, etc., etc.

    I expect there will be unrest, even borderline anarchy, when Trump does win.  However, since the election comes right before winter sets in, the unrest won’t be as prolonged as in the summer.  I also expect record gun and ammo sales.  We’ll have plenty of time to prepare for what the Left will bring in the spring.

    In closing, I know this is not the most uplifting thing to write about immediately before an election.  But, as a well-known narcissist once said, “Elections have consequences”.  2020 brings us the single most consequential election in our country’s entire history, and it’s not hyperbole to expect it to be anything less.


    Back in June, Warsaw, Indiana had a Patriot’s Freedom Rally on the Kosciusko County Courthouse Square.   We have another one planned for Friday, October 16, 5-7 pm.   If you’re reading this and you live anywhere within a decent driving distance, please come and join us.  If that’s not a possibility for you, consider having a rally of your own in your hometown. Conservatives definitely support our president and our county.  Now it’s time to remember what to do in November.


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