• The Smears Begin: Coney Barrett Agrees with America’s Founders … and Adopts Children!

    Surge Summary: And let the slandering begin! The Left is criticizing Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett for holding the same worldview as America’s Founders. Additionally, some are setting their sights on her for daring to adopt two children from Haiti. Disgusting attacks.

    The left’s smears against Judge Amy Coney Barrett are beginning.  Here’s the “scandalous” headline on page two of yesterday’s Washington Post:  “Barrett Spoke At Law Program Touting ‘Christian Worldview.'”

    The “sinister” group referenced by the Post is the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), which was founded by Dr. James Dobson, D. James Kennedy, Bill Bright, Larry Burkett and others.  It was created to push back against the radical agenda of the ACLU and to defend religious liberty and traditional values in the courts.

    ADF is an outstanding group, and we are proud to be on the same team with them!

    I also know of another major meeting where Christian views were touted and Barrett actually has embraced this other group too.  They were much more selective – only 41 people attended the meeting, which took place in Philadelphia.  It was called the Constitutional Convention.

    I guarantee you that the delegates assembled at Independence Hall also believed in a Christian worldview.  While they were familiar with Greek and Roman political philosophy from which they found support for the separation of powers, the most profound ideas that influenced their thinking were found in the Torah and the New Testament.

    Their brilliance and dedication to those values made America possible.  But there will be no future for America if this Washington Post headline becomes the prevailing worldview, one where Christians have no place in public life or public office.

    Targeting Her Children Too

    It’s bad enough that the left is targeting Judge Barrett’s faith.  The Constitution actually forbids a “religious test” for public office.  But now some leftists are going after her children too!

    Yesterday, we told you that Boston University Professor Ibram Kendi compared Barrett to “white colonizers” for having adopted two black children from Haiti.  It’s now being reported that the director of Tom Steyer’s superPAC, NextGen America, is attacking the legitimacy of the adoptions.

    John Lee Brougher tweeted:

    “As an adoptee, I need to know more about the circumstances of how Amy Coney Barrett came to adopt her children, and the treatment of them since.  Transracial adoption is fraught with trauma and potential for harm, and everything I see here is deeply concerning.”

    Brougher has no right to demand anything from Judge Barrett.  And the accusation that her children are being abused in some way, suffering trauma and harm, is beyond disgusting.

    This is a new low for the left.  About the only thing the Democrats didn’t do was accuse Judge Kavanaugh of abusing his children.  But that’s where the left is starting with Judge Barrett.

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