• They’re Ba-a-a-a-ck! Pigskin Pundit’s NFL Picks, Week One 2020

    Surge Summary: After months of little to no professional sports entertainment, the NFL kicks off this weekend (and Thursday night). Below, the Pigskin Pundit adds his predictions for this week’s contests.

    by Nate Clark (Pigskin Pundit)

    Well, here we go!  Kick that thing off before the powers that be change their minds and the Covid Cancel Culture erases our hope for some normalcy this fall.  I don’t know about you, but I am STARVED for some football.  They say hunger makes the mind sharper, but if that was the case I would have had the NFC preseason prognostications done by now, and they ain’t.  Oh well, it’s a weird year.  Here’s the opening salvo of this season’s picks.

    Texans at Chiefs – I love me some Deshawn Watson, who I think will get a Superbowl ring at some point in his career.  But I’m not in on Houston winning the opener on the road against the powerhouse that is defending champ KC.  Lone Stars leave Arrowhead as losers.

    Eagles at WFT – Daniel Snyder has unfortunately put his personal stamp on this storied franchise, reducing it to a punch line.  Do people realize that Alex Smith is STILL on this team?  They are searching for identity, respectability, coalescence and vision, and their owner is the principal impediment to all this.  Eagles trounce the Washington Whatnots.

    Dolphins at Patriots – What does NE have with Cam Newton?  Hopes are high for the QB position, but dammit, the receiver corps looks Junior Varsity after the timeless (but not hitless) Edelman.  Last season this team relied on historically-stout defense while their offense could not score.  The Boogeymen are gone, probably taking playoff hopes with them.  I will take NE at home ONLY because I don’t know what they have yet, but they have Belichick.  Pats (barely) leap over Dolphins.

    Packers at Vikings – Interesting divisional matchup.  Cousins, Thielen, Rudolf and Cook still form the core of a formidable offense, even with the loss of Diggs.  GB boasts Rodgers, Adams & Aaron Jones to push the rock for them.  I’ll give the edge to the homers this week, but these two match up well.  Vikes smack the slack out of the Pack.

    Colts at Jaguars – Some have picked Indy to be vastly improved this year…did Phillip ‘Old Man’ Rivers suddenly get younger when he donned a horseshoe jersey?  Oh, the Colts will bounce a lost nation like Jacksonville right out the door of their own house, but not because Indy is good.  Nags put the Jags in a bag.

    Bears at Lions – A bear and a lion walk into a bar….and Mitch Trubisky throws two interceptions as the anointed starter at QB, while Nick Foles reprises his role as the world’s most expensive paperweight…Meanwhile in Detroit, Matt Patricia gets his team to sit up straight and face forward in team meetings…groundbreaking stuff, although opposing teams are going to Chase Daniel all over the field this season.  Bears nip the Lions in a sleeper.

    Raiders at Panthers – I actually like Vegas in this one.  New city, fresh identity, and probably a more cohesive team than the shambles that Teddy Bridge-Over-Troubled-Water is trying to pull together while Carolina rebuilds from the coach down.  McCaffrey is awesome, but he can’t do it alone.  Carr drives Vegas to victory.

    Jets at Bills – Buffalo is poised to own the division, having put together a very solid team with a good coach.  The Jets continue to be the Jets, which means more restarts, flameouts and crash landings.  Gang Green with envy as Buffalo Diggs in for dominance.

    Browns at Ravens – Speaking of teams that never can seem to get it together, Cleveland is going to inaugurate their 2020 campaign with a severe beating at the hands of Baltimore.  The Ravs are a serious threat to unseat Kansas City this season, while the Browns are a serious threat to lack focus and underperform yet again.  Mayfield gets Baked by the Blackbirds.

    Seahawks at Falcons – This clash of raptors should be a good matchup.  Many have hopes for a good season from Atlanta this year, which would be nice in their competitive division.  Wilson always has his team in contention.  As the feathers fly in this aerial battle, I favor Pete Carroll’s squadron, by a beak.

    Chargers at Bengals – Oh dear, games like this are ‘flyover territory’ if you are a prognosticator.  For the Homeless Bolts, everybody knows that ungrounded electricity is largely useless.  Tyrod Taylor is a placeholder QB while Justin Herbert hopefully develops.  Cincy is in the same boat with fewer oars, as Joe Burrow gets thrown to the wolves immediately.  In a who-cares close one, the Bolts jolt the Tiggers.

    Cardinals at Niners – The Cards have become a fun team, adding some serious talent at certain key positions.  Problem is the Niners are stacked at ALL positions, key and otherwise.  The West still belongs to the gold panners.  Niners finer as they nix Phoenix.

    Buccaneers at Saints – The entire solar system will be watching this game, as the expected NFC champions face the reminted Tompa Bay Bradys in an epic divisional tilt.  The WhoDats lost their 800-pound gorilla status in the NFC South during the offseason, as Tampa loaded up for a title run.  If the Bucs don’t blow it on execution due to lack of preseason, I like them to edge New Orleans.  Pirates defrock the Saints.

    Cowboys at Rams – Dallas has spent like shore-leave sailors recently, while the Rams have shed payroll at certain positions.  Let’s see if bulking up beats slimming down, when the ball is snapped.  Cowboys Ram a victory home in Tinseltown.

    Steelers at Giants – Pittsburgh goes as Big Ben goes, and I don’t think he goes anymore.  As quirky as the Giants are, their fresh talent is good talent, and hungry.  Gotham stalls the Steel machine.

    Titans at Broncos – Denver has been busy rebuilding to regain their Mile High swagger, and we’ll see if Drew is a Lock on the QB spot, or a placeholder.  Von Miller’s injury may hamper their improving D, if it lingers.  Vrabel’s Titans are steady, and well-coached, with De Wreck Henry prepared to rumble over opposing defenses again.  The question for Tennessee is whether O Tannenhill can repeat last year’s performance, or fall back into his Miami mediocrity.  Ponies may prance, but the Titans will dance, this week.

    Enjoy the games!

    -PP (Nate Clark)

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    Image: By Joey Gannon from Pittsburgh, PA – Winding Up, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=4748133

    Nathan Clark is a conservative commentator who resides with his wife in New Hampshire. He is passionate about preserving the vision of our nation’s Founders and advancing those tried and true principles deep into America’s future. His interests range broadly from flyfishing, cooking and shooting to pro sports, gardening, live music and fine-scale modeling.

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