• From the Donkey’s Mouth: Democrats Will Steal The Supreme Court

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    Surge Summary: Leftist leaders continue to make it clearer they are planning on seizing control of the Supreme Court – “packing the court” – if Joe Biden wins the presidential election. This would be a radical move, overturning over one-hundred-fifty years of precedent.

    Two interviews yesterday by high-profile Democrats made it clear that the left is plotting to steal control of the Supreme Court if Biden wins in 15 days.

    Sen. Chris Coons of Delaware is very close to Joe Biden.  He was interviewed by CNN’s Jake Tapper, who questioned the senator on the issue of packing the court by expanding the number of justices on it.  Coons replied:

    “Jake, like Joe Biden, I’m not a fan of expanding the court.  We have a few weeks here to see whether there are four Republicans who will step back from this precipice [of confirming Judge Barrett] . . .  The Republican majority is responsible for racing forward with this extremely unqualified nominee, unqualified because of her extreme judicial philosophy. . .

    “We need to focus on that, and then if we happen to . . . have a President Biden, we have to look at what the right steps are to rebalance our federal judiciary.”

    Tapper pressed for a more direct response about whether that meant adding additional justices to the Supreme Court that Biden/Schumer/Pelosi/AOC can fill, and Coons said, “Yes.”

    Meanwhile, on ABC News, George Stephanopoulos asked Speaker Nancy Pelosi about the “arrows in her quiver” she claimed to have to stop Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination.

    Pelosi answered, “Well, we’ll see. . .  What I’m talking about is how we win this election, because we have to offset whatever this court may do.”

    It is absolutely clear that if Joe Biden wins the White House, and if Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi control Congress next year, Democrats will steal the Supreme Court by packing it with left-wing activists.  Some progressive leaders are urging them to create as many as five new seats.

    My friends, there is nothing in the Constitution about the size of the Supreme Court.  Over the course of our nation’s history it has been changed four times, last settling at nine justices in 1869, 151 years ago.  And it only takes an act of Congress to add or subtract justices.

    If Pelosi and Schumer pass legislation expanding the number of justices to whatever they need to have a majority on the high court, there is no way that “President Biden” would veto that legislation.  And “President Harris” would eagerly sign it too!

    The left wants to “fundamentally transform” the Supreme Court and our country in the process.  We must not let that happen.

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    Gary Lee Bauer is an American politician and activist, who served in the Reagan administration. He later became president of the Family Research Council and a senior vice president of Focus on the Family. In 2000, he participated in the Republican presidential contest.

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