• Is He the Worst? De Blasio Locking Down, Punishing NYC Again

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    Surge Summary: Who’s worse? New York Mayor Bill de Blasio or New York Governor Andrew Cuomo? Difficult to say for sure. They both seem intent on destroying New York City.

    by Steve Pauwels

    New York Mayor Bill de Blasio may be – may be – the worst of the nation’s high-profile political figures. Granted, there are manifold contenders for that dishonor (the Governor of de Blasio’s state among them.) Whoever is actually the most spectacularly abysmal, however, de Blasio is definitely in the running.

    As chief executive of perhaps the most influential city on the planet, he is constantly in the spotlight … and not in a flattering way. His Marxist-soaked, domineering government philosophy and incompetent tenure is destroying the metropolis over which he’s been installed. That deplorable state of things has only been underscored during the national COVID-19 frenzy.

    Thousands of NYC restaurants, bars and small businesses have closed shop during the virus “lockdown”; it’s estimated an electrifying percentage of them may be shuttered permanently. If the status quo continues – nevermind worsens – some analysis is nearly 2/3 of eateries may have to close by the end of the annum.

    Yes, the Wuhan flu has, among so much else, raised a platform to showcase Bill de Blasio’s bungling and malfeasance. Doubt that? Check out this disheartening and infuriating update courtesy of Newser:

    Amid a resurgence of the coronavirus, New York City has gone back under lockdown. Accordingly,

    the city issued more than $150,000 in fines during the first weekend of the new restrictions … [giving] out 62 tickets to people, businesses, and religious gathering places that violated rules having to do with gathering size, masks, or social distancing, the New York Times reports. For example, a restaurant and at least five houses of worship in the city’s “red zones” where COVID-19 infection rates are highest, could each face up to $15,000 in fines for large gatherings, which NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio said last week was the upper end of the penalties, per the New York Post.

    This control-freak elected official has already overseen –spurred on really – devastation on his city. And it looks like he’s not yet finished; neither is Empire State Governor Cuomo:

    Andrew Cuomo issued an executive order last week in which rules for gatherings in the city are based on the zone the neighborhood is in; the 20 red zone neighborhoods are seeing a positivity rate of 5.7%, while the rate across the rest of the state was less than 1% if excluding those clusters. But religious leaders have accused Cuomo and de Blasio of targeting religious minorities, with one national Orthodox organization and a Catholic diocese even suing to challenge the new requirements. The courts, however, allowed the new rules to proceed.

    Plainly, what is not under consideration by these mini-tyrants? Reasonable efforts to protect the most vulnerable Big Apple residents (the elderly, those with compromising health issues) coupled with a policy of permitting the balance of New Yorkers to go on working, eating, shopping, living.

    De Blasio v. Cuomo? Who’s more a menace to the people of New York City? Tough call, no doubt. Either pol seems intent on doing whatever he must to win that execrable crown.

    H/T: New York Times

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    Steve Pauwels

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