• Pelosi’s Newest Plot Against Trump: Call on the 25th Amendment. Seriously

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    Surge Summary: Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is plotting another attack on President Trump … this time she’s attempting to invoke the 25th Amendment which would remove him from power because she claims he is in an “altered state” due to his COVID-19 treatment. With the economic crisis facing America, this is her priority?

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is still plotting to remove President Trump 25 days before the election!  [Friday], she introduced legislation to create a commission that could invoke the 25th Amendment to remove the president of the United States.

    This legislation comes in the wake of Pelosi suggesting that the president is “in an altered state right now” after receiving treatment for COVID-19.

    This is beyond absurd.  It can’t pass the legislative process.  But her effort is revealing. While the media are peppering the president with questions about accepting the results of this election, the left still hasn’t accepted the results from 2016!

    They hoped Robert Mueller would give them evidence of Russian collusion.  When he proved that was the hoax Trump said it was, Pelosi then tried to impeach Trump over a phone call.  That failed, as everyone knew it would.  So, now she’s concocting some plot to remove him based on his physical and mental health.

    Keep in mind that the White House was negotiating with itself on an additional stimulus bill.  The president and his negotiators went the extra mile to include funds to save the airline industry and another round of checks to individuals and families.  They also included extra funds to support the states and schools.

    But Pelosi wasn’t moving at all.  No matter what the White House offered, it was never enough.  So the president called her out on it, and signaled his support for separate bills to address the issues where there is broad, bi-partisan agreement, but Pelosi shot that down.

    And what is her priority today?  A commission to remove the president 25 days before the election.

    Every editorial board and news cast should be condemning her for this blatant partisan waste of time.  Needless to say, I am not holding my breath.

    P.S. There are reports today that a stimulus deal is still possible.

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