• Pigskin Pundit’s NFL Picks, Week Eight

    Surge Summary: Pigskin Pundit’s runs down the NFL contests scheduled for week eight, 2020 … and throws a Super Bowl prediction into the mix.

    by Pigskin Pundit (Nate Clark)

    The stars at night – are big and bright, deep in the heart of Texas, the Cowboys suck, they’re out of luck, and Houston ‘s crash…perplexes.  Meanwhile in Boston, Cam Newton made a case for early retirement, throwing for one touchdown and six interceptions in the last 3 games (all losses), and a QB rating of 39.7 (yikes).  He looks like he is in slow motion, making his reads late, holding the ball too long, then missing his receivers after telegraphing where he plans to throw it.  He’s a super nice, likeable man who looks as though the game has passed him by – mentally at least.  In Houston, Deshaun Watson should sue his team for non-support, as they let him get mauled relentlessly by opposing rushers.  His career will be short if they don’t get him protection.  The draft kids are playing great this year, making a statement in the league.  I will go on record here stating that Tampa Bay will represent the NFC in Superbowl LV, as Tom Brady plays his 10th.  I went a shiny 11-3 last week, and stand at 69-36 for the season (66%).  Like Cam Newton says, gotta do better.  Here are the picks.

    Falcons at Panthers – Atlanta faints more than teenage girls at a Beatles concert, coming up with new & inventive ways to squander leads late in games.  I’m sticking with ‘the Bridge’ and his Panthers to hold the lair against the Schizo’s from Georgia.  As Parmalee sang, ‘Feels Like Carolina’…

    Steelers at Ravens – A pick ‘em for divisional supremacy, and once again the Steelers are game of the week.  They stop everybody, from aerial bombers to turf burners.  The Ravens are a little suspect on run stoppage, and they pass second least in the league, relying instead on Action Jackson’s legs.  This plays to Pittsburgh’s strength, notwithstanding the Steelers’ so-so offense.  Tomlin’s goblins Steel a close one at Halloween.

    Rams at Dolphins – It ‘Tua Time’ in South Beach.  People ridiculed Fitzmagic’s lament that he wants to keep starting, but that’s what the heart of a competitor looks like, and why he’s never had trouble securing jobs and then keeping them beyond expectations.  He may be glad to hold the clipboard THIS week though, when Aaron Donald comes roaring into the pocket to introduce young Tagoalphabetsoup to the NFL, violently.  These guys are Ram tough, as Miami will find out.  LA clamps the Vice on Miami.

    Jets at Chiefs – The Jets fly into the teeth of a ‘Mizzoura maelstrom’ this week in Kansas City.  Give ‘em credit for holding Buffalo to a pedestrian 18 points last week, but they are going to get shot down in flames by the Department of Mahomesland Security.  Jets increase their lead in the Trevor Lawrence derby.

    Vikings at Packers – The Purple Pretenders are a team in total disarray.  I don’t know how a Mike Zimmer team fell so badly off the path, but Green Bay looks to be around at playoff time again this year.  Minnesota has proven they have no answer for Davante Adams, and they won’t have one for Za’Darius and Preston Smith, either.  Green Bay Packs this week’s special of freshly smoked Viking.

    Colts at Lions – Indy travels north in search of a 5-2 record.  Their no-fly defense should cap what little offensive spark the Lyins can generate.  We’ll be listening to Matt Patricia’s sausage-maker crank out excuses again after this loss, but we’ve digested all we can at this point.  Rivers delivers in Motown.

    Raiders at Browns – Fitting that an orange team faces a black team on Halloween weekend.  Lost Wages invades Ohio, with both teams playing fairly well.  Carr likes airing it out, and with Jacobs slumping, that will be Gruden’s plan.  Cleveland’s getting some traction as a team, even with the loss of Beckham and Chubb chugging the rock.  Close game, but I would bet the difference this week is Myles ‘The Garotte’ Garrett, tightening the pressure around Carr ‘til he chokes.  On Halloween weekend, Orange is the new Black.

    Titans at Bengals – I love Joe Burrow.  I like the spunk that has returned to Cincy, who even in losing is going down fighting.  It’s like a fresh breeze has blown through southern Ohio.  But this week a hurricane is coming, and I don’t mean Zeta.  Hurricane Vrabel is bringing his brand of smashmouth football and a 5-1 record to the Bengals, who will struggle to contain DeWreck Henry and cover Tannehill’s pinpoint bombs to AJ Brown.  Stopping Tennessee is a Titanic undertaking, and Cincinnati isn’t ready to do it….yet.

    Patriots at Bills – What the heck do we have here in New England?  Edelman gone for surgery, Harry in the concussion protocol, Steph Gilmore on the trading block, and Cam Newton under center.  However crappy the weather is supposed to be in Orchard Park this weekend, you have to go with Buffalo.  Allen probably won’t have a big passing day with 50-mph winds howling through all the bare-chested Bills fans, but he won’t need one.  This will be an ugly ground pound game, with neither team defending the run that great.  Pats fall flat on Newton’s fancy hat, and that – as they say – is that.  Drat!

    Chargers at Broncos – The Bolts have something special in Air Bear Herbert, who is doing it with a great arm AND his legs.  The Chargers’ receiver corps has found a new raison d’etre, and as I said last week, this is the best team with a 2-4 record in the AFC.  Denver plays the pass pretty well, but they don’t pass worth a dang themselves, unless aiming for the other jerseys counts.  Mel Gordon will need a huge revenge game against the Homeless Chargers if Denver is going to compete.  Chargers apply the power, while Denver’s offense sours.

    Niners at Seahawks – Seattle simply cannot defend the pass.  Pete Carroll will have to find some way to fix this, or his Squawks are going to start dropping close games to teams that can play some defense…like the 49ers.  Beat up as they are, they can still cover, and as they get guys back, that D will become increasingly impenetrable.  Even if Handsome Jimmy G isn’t super sharp on the toss, he has deadly targets in Samuel, Aiyuk and Kittle, and a potent ground game.  San Fran shows why Shanahan is the man with the plan.

    Saints at Bears – Not a good matchup for DaBears, who have been DaBoobs on run stoppage, and DaBums on passing offense.  The Saints are more than adequate through the air, and Kamara is still tearing up the turf every week like he always has.  Add to that some bad playcalling by DaCoach, and DaBears are ripe to have their record corrected.  Saints poke the Bears, and get away with it.

    Cowboys at Eagles – Another NFC Least sleeper, although folks may tune in just to see how bad Dallas looks this week…y’know, like slowing down to rubberneck at a trainwreck.  Dallas is surely a trainwreck, too.  Don’t want to waste valuable readers’ time on this – Eagles rumble while Cowboys stumble.

    Buccaneers at Giants – The Bucs just keep improving and getting deeper in bench talent, while the rest of the NFC is slip-sliding away…except LA.  This will be a brutal mugging in NY, with Danny Dimes getting knocked down and picked off until he can make change for a penny.  Tampa is defiant as they bruise and break the Giants.

    Enjoy the games!


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    Image: By Keith Allison from Hanover, MD, USA – NFL Referees, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=63801403

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