• Pigskin Pundit’s Picks, Week 7

    Surge Summary: Coaches reminded fans how important they are to a team’s performance last week – some shining, some not. What about this week? Pigskin Pundit’s predictions for week number seven of the NFL.

    by Pigskin Pundit (Nate Clark)

    Six games into this strange season and what have we learned?  Firing head coaches can fire up football teams, it would appear.  Houston gave the Titans all they could handle right to the end last week, under Romeo Crennell.  Atlanta responded to Raheem Morris’ first week ‘wearing the cans’ by defensively throttling Minnesota for a big win.  It will be interesting to see what happens when Gace gets axed in NY.  If you look at players who couldn’t leave him soon enough (Minkah Fitzpatrick, Ryan Tannehill), they are absolutely thriving under different leadership.  Enough said.  Last week I went 8-6, now at 58-23 for the year.  Here are this week’s picks.

    Giants at Eagles – NFC Least battle, with two wins between these two clunkers.  Wentz woke up towards the end of the Ravens game and actually forced them to tighten up on D to stop a late surge, but the loss of Colonel Sanders will cost the Eagles Miles of rushing yards.  Still, they ought to have enough elsewhere to put this horrible Giants team away.  Cheese Steaks have what it takes…this week.

    Steelers at Titans – This is game of the week.  Two unbeatens beatin’ on each other.  Whether you prefer ‘Blitzburgh’ or the ‘Steel Hurtin’, Tomlin’s Terrors are ironclad on DEFENSE.  Tannehill will need his quick release working in order to avoid getting riveted.  Henry is a beast, but the Steelers know he is coming, and they will be ready.  Lewan’s loss may be a factor in Tennessee’s pass protection, as Bush’s may be for the middle of the Steeler D.  Titans find themselves between hammer and anvil, as Pittsburgh forges another victory.

    Cowboys at WFT – Another NFC Least yawner.  The Cowboy defense is a sieve, which will put tremendous pressure on the Red Rerun to keep the score close.  This is hard to do when your team keeps giving LIVE gameballs away as door prizes to the other team (15 to be exact), and your O-line consists of turnstyles.  The Deadspins have a good pass rush to keep Little Orphan Andy on the run, but their offense lacks a ground attack, leaving fill-in-the-blank QB vulnerable to overwork.  Lone Stars fall from the sky over DC.

    Bills at Jets – This is a therapy game, as the Bills shrug off their second beating in as many weeks by obliterating the hapless Jets.  Buffalo needs this win to restore confidence, but we have seen the problems with their once-fierce defense.  And Joshie Allen’s rookie flaws have reared their ugly heads again.  This game should be like a trip to the spa to freshen up and regroup for McDermott’s Mafiosi.  Buffalo stampedes through Gotham.

    Panthers at Saints – As good as Carolina has played, this week will likely see them back under .500.  Their pass coverage is good…except for completion percentage.  Enter Drew Brees, who can dink-n-dunk you to death, THEN kill you with the long toss.  I love Carolina’s heart this season, and Steady Teddy’s leadership, but without Onward Christian McCaffrey in this game, the field tilts toward Whodat Nation.  Cats faint before the Saints.

    Packers at Texans – History shows that Aaron Rodgers plays well when he’s angry.  Last week’s loss to that ‘other’ quarterback in Tampa will surely have his fuse lit.  Neither Houston nor Green Bay are strong against the pass, but the Texans also lack stopping power against the run.  Add to that a porous line that can’t keep Deshaun Watson off the Astroturf, and things look Green & Gold this Sunday.  The Pack bounces back with a strong sack attack.

    Browns at Bengals – Battle for Buckeye State supremacy.  Chubb’s absence hurts Cleveland more than Mixon’s mixed results hurt Cincy, but Myles Garrett’s presence means Joe the Burrow will be eating more dirt this week.  The Browns are weapon-heavy, while the Bengals seem to have more heart.  In this match, talent should trump determination.  The Browns throw down in Tigertown.

    Lions at Falcons – Wow, Atlanta’s defense woke up last week!  We haven’t seen that kind of performance since the first 3 quarters of Superbowl LI.  With the return of #11, Ryan’s in heaven.  Cal Ridley and Julio Jones have restored the Falcons’ aerial assault.  Patricia’s Lyins played well against the Jags, but hey, it’s the Jags.  Falcons soar but Lions don’t roar.

    Seahawks at Cardinals – Seattle’s pass defense has been the Region of Zoom for other teams this season, and Murray In A Hurry will be flinging it downfield to the ever-lethal Mr. Hopkins repeatedly.  Nevertheless, the offensive machine that is the Seahawks engine will certainly be able to outpace the Traveling Kingsburys and make it to The End Of The Line in a Runaway, if they Handle With Care.  Last Night….thinkin’ bout Last Night….

    Jaguars at Chargers – The Chargers are the best 1-win team in the AFC this year.  Their defense is better than Houston’s, and they are generally better all-around than Jacksonville.  Their decent pass coverage should provide ample opportunity for Joey ‘the Bulldosa’ Bosa to put the smash to the ‘Stache.  I like Justin ‘Time’ Herbert to rack up another 300-yard air game this week, which seems to be his average.  Jags sag beneath the Bolts’ jolts.

    Niners at Patriots – I want to call last week’s Denver fiasco an aberration…but I can’t.  Sure, one practice in two weeks isn’t going to help you win, and Belichick teams EXIST to practice all contingencies, which is why they are always prepared for anything.  Still, SuperNewton’s flaws and weaknesses came into sharp focus in that horrible loss…holding the ball forever, slow reads and reactions, and horrible passing accuracy.  Not to mention he is working with inferior receivers and mediocre running backs, and a patchwork O-line.  The Niners have looked dreadful at times due to roster depletion among other things, but they went to the Superbowl eight months ago.  I think Prodigal Jimmy the Handsome is in for a big game at the old neighborhood, and that New England is going to find the price of endzone real estate to be very high.  San Fran hands the Man another home loss.

    Chiefs at Broncos – Kansas City isn’t going to hand Denver a kicking win like NE did last week.  No, they are going to do the kicking this week, as they kick the Broncos all over the Rocky Mountains.  I don’t know if Chiefs kicker Butker will even see the field except for PATs and kickoffs.  This should be a slam dunk.  No disrespect meant to Elway’s rebuilding efforts, but you got to have the horses if you want to ride with the Chiefs.  Denver don’t, not yet.  Yeehaw.

    Buccaneers at Raiders – Stop me if you’ve heard this one; Two bands of pirates walk into a bar….the Tompa Bay road show comes to Slotsville this week.  Derek Carr has really nice weapons In Ruggs/Waller/Aguilor/Renfro, and he is putting up some glitzy stats in Glitztown this year.  The Bucs are bringing the Florida heat with their suffocating defense, which held Aaron Rodgers to no td throws and stuffed Aaron Jones last week in a statement game.  Brady doesn’t have to be his self of old…he just needs to be efficient, something he continues to do well with his fine assortment of targets.  What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…except the news that Tampa is a serious threat in the NFC.  Buccaneers find buried treasure in the desert.

    Bears at Rams – MNF is a pick’em this week.  Chicago’s defense is their strength this year, while the ground game suffers and the passing game is meh.  Nick Foles earned the job, but the bar was set pretty low.  LA has been better than average on offense, but not a whole lot.  Goff is now a better game manager, but still not the premier QB you expect in a high first-rounder.  Aaron Donald continues to be the league’s wrecking ball, which is a good thing because the Rams’ secondary isn’t exactly air-tight.  In a tight fight without highlights, DaBears put DaBite on DaRams.

    Enjoy the games!


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