• Season Beginning to Coalesce: Pigskin Pundit’s Picks, Week Four

    Surge Summary: As the NFL season is beginning to form a clearer picture about what the weeks ahead hold, Pigskin Pundit offers week number four’s game picks and analysis.

    by Pigskin Pundit (Nate Clark)

    Week Four and we are starting to see which teams look like contenders or pretenders.  The Newtonian Patriots have exceeded the offseason expectations, with lots of upside still to come.  The Falcons have shown that talent has little to do with winning in Atlanta, and the Saints are leaving all of us wondering where they’re marching this season – in, or out?  It was Ugly Tie day in Philly last week, and both teams delivered one, which dropped me from 11-5 to 10-6, depending on which way you score a tie.  I’m now 30-18 for the season, or 63%.  Below my average, so here goes with this week’s picks.

    Broncos at Jets – This game is a dumpster fire.  The Wrongcos are battered by injuries and led by Brett Rypien this week, against the fungal morass that is the NYJ.  Nobody will be watching this TNF atrocity, even if it was only up against a rerun of the Trump/Biden Debate.  I’m hoping for a tie here, seems fitting for these two 0-fers.  Jets in a stinker.

    Ravens at WFT – Harbaugh’s Harbingers failed to challenge for AFC supremacy last week, in a game that should have been winnable.  They get their mojo back this week against the Snyders, which is essentially a home game for them.  This win means little for Baltimore, as they still have a lot to prove.  Harbaugh has yet to outcoach Andy Reid, for one.  DC bows to the Blackbirds.

    Chargers at Bucs – Brady and his team seem to be coming together gradually.  The Ghost of Rob Gronkowski grabbed six catches last week to prove he is a blocking tight end, and Bruce ‘the Noose’ Arians didn’t hang anyone publicly for once.  The Bolts had to start shiny new Herbert again at QB, and they should keep right on doing that.  He tossed 600 aerial yards in the last two weeks, which portends better days ahead for this rebuilding team…But not this week.  Pirates of the Caribbean sink LA.

    Seahawks at Dolphins – If Chris Carson can’t haul the ball for Seattle this week, Russell Wilson will just have to throw a couple extra td’s, something he seems effortlessly able to do.  His deep weapons are nasty, with D.K. ‘D-back Killer’ Metcalf and Tyler ‘Lockit Down’ Lockett.  Although the Squawks have the worst pass defense this year, Miami has been soft against the pass AND the run, setting the table for Carroll’s offense to have another big day.  The Beard gets sheared as the Squawks rock.

    Vikings at Texans – Two more 0-fers looking for Win 1.  This game boils down to one thing, as I see it: Minnesota’s running game setting up Minnesota’s passing game.  If Dalvin Cooks, Cousins will be buzzin’ the ball to open receivers.  Houston’s D is porous of late, and Watson’s O-line has been more of an ‘OHhh’ line as he runs for his life every week.  Zimmer shimmers deep in the heart of Texas.

    Saints at Lions – Christians vs. the Lions again, and Whodat nation is probably surprised to possess the same record as Detroit.  Prater was greater last week, delivering a late win for Pontiac, but against a rushing D that surrenders 170 yards per game, Alvin ‘Camaro’ should have no problem leaving tire marks all over the Silver & Blue.  A few nice tosses from they Call Me The Brees, and the Lions roar (and score) no more in Week Four, for sure.

    Browns at Cowboys – Dallas is looking to get some traction this subpar season, but Zeke’s stats are declining, and the Dallas D needs to mend some fences quick.  Cleveland has shown improvement in efficiency and game management, as Mayfield focuses on effective passes and not gaudy numbers.  Chubb chugs along, providing the horsepower for this offense, and the Browns D has improved at run-stopping.  Still, you never know whether you can believe in this team or not, like Lucy yanking the football away from Charlie Brown (must be the name).  Dallas at home is always tough, though.  They need a win more than the Browns do.  Cowboys outdraw the Browns.

    Jags at Bengals – The Burrow has been impressive, lugging the team on his youthful back this winless season.  Cincy has shown some development on passing defense as well, which will help dampen Minshew Mania.  The problem with this matchup is that while Joe Mixon’s production has fallen off (probably from carrying the weight of all the money from his new deal), Jacksonville’s rush D has stiffened, and THEIR new running back, undrafted rookie James Robinson, is turning out to be found money.  In this battle of big cats, spots are in, stripes are out.  Jaguars pounce.

    Colts at Bears – Chicago finally found a spot for Falsebisky….the pine.  SuperSub Nick Foles seems to have wrested the snaps away from Mitch, and perhaps this experiment is over in the Windy City.  This matchup represents the league’s two best ‘No Fly Zone’ defenses.  The Colts are the top aces at shooting down the air attack, with DaBears a close second.  Lot’s of wagging fingers out there after balls hit the ground.  Two seasoned QBs in Rivers and Foles will probe those defenses, looking for weak spots.  In a game that can easily go either way, I like Old Man Rivers.  Horseshoes ruin the Bruins’ perfect start.

    Cardinals at Panthers – Zona sports the better record, but even without Christian McCaffeine firing up the Panthers’ offense, they can still move the ball and score.  Mike Davis is a run/pass threat in his absence, and the Cardinals have been overly generous on the ground.  Murray is always a significant run threat, but his rifle arm gets buck fever frequently and he tends to throw to enemy jerseys.  Steady Teddy keeps Carolina moving the sticks.  Kingsbury folds his Cards in Carolina.

    Giants at Rams – Finally an easy one.  The Giants are in free-fall…again.  The Rams are finding their game…again.  Strong pressure up the middle from The Donald will have Danny Dimes turning on a dime and running for his life.  The Rams do everything better than New York.  Somewhere Lawrence Taylor, Carl Banks and Harry Carson are crying softly.  Hurry back, Saquon.  Please.  Rams slam Gotham.

    Bills at Raiders – 3-0 Buffalo heads to the Strip to face the Gruden’s 2-1 Raiders.  These two match up pretty well across the board.  My big question is whether Big Josh Allen will continue to improve his ball protection, or get careless with his howitzer arm.  The Bills have faced two cupcakes and a semi-contender so far.  The other Josh (Jacobs) will expose Buffalo’s lack of run defense, and Waller will be a matchup problem that Carr can exploit on big plays.  Bills get paid in Vegas.

    Patriots at Chiefs – My Patriots team will do two things this game; play well, taking away some of Patrick Mahomes’ prime weapons….and lose anyway.  The Pats are playing better than expected after the talent exodus this off-season, but this Chiefs team is too deep to contain for 3,600 ticks of the clock.  Our secondary is good, but not tops, and Kansas City can strike so fast that one or two little mistakes is all it takes to decide a game.  A few small ticks of the clock.  Add to that Andy Reid’s clever scheming, and, well….Muskets misfire as arrows find their mark.

    Eagles at Niners – Another easy one to call.  The Beagles are about as bad as the Giants, and even though the wounded Niners will be re-enacting scenes from The Replacements in that game and this one, we already know the ending, because we’ve seen this movie before.  Niners are finer – pass the popcorn.

    Falcons at Packers – Atlanta needs a leadership change at the top, before they institutionalize a losing culture like Detroit and Cleveland have.  They have never been the same since that SuperBowl collapse.  This seems to be another example of the poison fruit of the Belichick coaching tree, as Thomas Dimitrov and Scott Pioli call the personnel shots for Atlanta.  Getting throttled at Lambeau Field won’t improve things for the Falcs, but that’s what will happen when the legitimate 3-0 Packers pluck, stuff and roast them on Monday Night.  Pass the cranberry sauce.

    Steelers at Titans – This is a good contest.  The Steelers are 2nd in league defense, and they will need to be against O Tannehill and DeWreck Henry.  Pittsburgh trails Tennessee in total offense, rushing and passing, but not by tons.  The big factor is the Titans’ ability to keep Roethlisberger off the field with their 24th ranked defense, or else Tomlin will dominate time of possession and force Tannehill to throw, taking Henry out of the offense.  Should be a great game!  Tomlins Terrors tank the Titans to go 4-0.

    Enjoy the games!


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    Nathan Clark is a conservative commentator who resides with his wife in New Hampshire. He is passionate about preserving the vision of our nation’s Founders and advancing those tried and true principles deep into America’s future. His interests range broadly from flyfishing, cooking and shooting to pro sports, gardening, live music and fine-scale modeling.

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