• The Church Had a Big Voice in America’s History … Better Find It Again

    Surge Summary: At one time in American history, the Christian played a meaningful role in shaping culture and influencing society, including politics (!). The influences of the Bible were immeasurable on the nation’s founding generation. The church is still called to continue to bring that influence today. The leadership of pastors in this regard is essential … particularly important as an election looms. To this end, Gary Bauer below offers the latest alert from a powerful coalition of Christian organizations.

    Friends, the stakes in this election are enormous.  The fate of our country and the future of religious liberty are on the line.  To defend our values, we are partnering our various allies, including Lindsey Communications, The Lindsey Foundation, Faith Wins and the Pacific Justice Institute to empower the resurgence of the Church Vote.  Below is their latest alert.  Please share the resources included here with your church leaders and fellow worshippers. – Gary [Bauer]

    A Coalition of Lindsey Communications, The Lindsey Foundation,
    Faith Wins and the Pacific Justice Institute
    to Empower the Resurgence of the Church Vote!

    Comm #8: That Thing We LostHey wonderful folks, and a very good afternoon to you.  Joan here, with prayers on my heart for you, our precious pastors.

    Oh wow, so many, many of you, giants of the faith, have been showing the grandeur of the Holy Spirit within you as you use your voices to speak Jesus and Godly living to not just your congregations, but outside of them to the broader world.  Believe me, we hear about it and you’d be surprised at the power of your voice.

    I never underestimate the staggering supernatural power of words powered by Scripture.  You all know I love history and last week linked you to a sermon delivered in 1793, which I hope you read.  Hope it didn’t take you the four hours it took me.  Ok, so I highlight and go slowly.  That sermon, plus really all the writing of our country’s start, was infused with the wisdom you get when you read scripture so very much that it naturally colors what you say and think.

    What a hallmark of the Founders.  Their recorded speeches don’t quote scripture so much as are influenced by it.  What got stored in their heart bubbled out in what they said.

    They read scripture, yes, and they made absolutely sure that our schools taught it.   And so the church in America was a strong force for freedom.  Most people attended church, including children.  So kids were raised having a unified experience being taught right living everywhere they went.  Right living meaning morals. Hey, it’s that thing we lost.  George Washington said morality was essential to freedom.  Both go together and bless all.

    We have drifted so far.  That drift perhaps had its heartiest kickstart when prayer was taken out of our public schools in the early 1960s.  I remember it, and we kids thought it was unbelievably crazy when we heard about it.  We knew we were the ‘little children’ that were supposed to be suffered to come unto Him!

    So here we are nearly to Election Day and there’s huge concern over election integrity, which means a lot of us are wondering if our vote will be fairly counted.  Fraud is already being charged, and there’s been evidence already of it.

    When the church uses a strong voice to teach morality of the Bible, we have less reason to worry about breaches of it.  And not just over election integrity, but every single solitary large or small aspect of living.

    And we should teach it.  We are the one Christian nation left that the world watches.  We are a living witness to every other nation.  Why send missionaries if the country from which they come can’t live the Jesus they’re offering?

    It’s you again, you’re the key to the nation’s soul (whatever a certain candidate says).  It’s you and the church you lead.  Voting is a first duty of the church, as is training us all about the morals presented in the Bible so that we live them, we love them, we insist on them.  From them springs freedom.

    So odd; integrity means moral uprightness.  But its other definition is being whole and undivided.  When the church was removed by the state from the state’s affairs, we got divided as a people.  And you can see where it’s led.

    The Church, however, is already leading the way back to God’s way for us.

    A tremendous number of you have led voter registrations and are speaking truth about our duty as men and women of faith to support Godly governance.  We weigh the candidates on that scale so we will decide well.

    Protection of babies, and of course, from before birth… Biblical.
    Commitment to a free economy… Biblical.
    Recognition of Israel as special to God… Biblical.
    Respect for the written-under-prayer Constitution… Biblical.
    Teaching our children how the Bible teaches the way to do life… Biblical.
    Safeguarding our religious freedoms….Biblical.  And more.

    We’re already voting and using our voice.  But to ensure the integrity of the election (wish we didn’t have to even think about fraud, but we do), please call the local election office and simply ask what are they doing to ensure the election is free of fraud?  Please ask every single person in your congregation to make a call.

    If the election offices know we’re watching how it’s going, and we’re holding them to a fair count of votes, the probability of a problem is reduced for now, and for future.

    But honestly, the real way to ensure fair anything is for our church to lead. To teach that, and to grasp that it is your call, your right, and your proud duty.  Your voice will get us back that thing we lost; moral integrity that keeps freedom.

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    Gary Lee Bauer is an American politician and activist, who served in the Reagan administration. He later became president of the Family Research Council and a senior vice president of Focus on the Family. In 2000, he participated in the Republican presidential contest.

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