• Turnaround: Hillary’s Russian Connection; Trump’s Declassification Order

    Surge Summary: The President has ordered declassified all documents related to the so-called “Russian Hoax” and “Hillary Clinton email scandal”.  Apparently they were connected, which might surprise some observers: the CIA believed Hillary Clinton concocted the Russian-Trump accusation as a distraction from her email controversy.

    [Tuesday] night President Trump tweeted that he has ordered the declassification of “any & all” documents related to the “Russia Hoax” and “the Hillary Clinton email scandal.”  The president also expressed his frustration that the declassification process is moving slowly, and some suspect CIA Director Gina Haspel may be responsible for that.

    One important piece of information we have learned in recent days is that former CIA Director John Brennan briefed President Obama, and presumably Vice President Joe Biden, about Hillary Clinton’s plot to smear Donald Trump as a Russian agent “as a means of distracting the public from her use of a private email server.”

    We also learned that the CIA forwarded this information to the FBI so it could investigate the Clinton campaign.  Of course, we know that the FBI targeted the Trump campaign instead.

    What this shows is that the only 2016 candidate plotting with foreign interests to interfere in the election was Hillary Clinton, and Joe Biden and Barack Obama knew it.

    Clinton hired a former British intelligence agent who then called on his Russian assets to contrive the now infamous debunked dossier.

    Of course, not one of the Big Three networks devoted even one second to this important story, but that’s exactly what you would expect from the media arm of the Democrat Party.

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