• Voter Fraud: Grim Warning from America’s Past for 2020’s Increasingly God-Less Political Scene

    Surge Summary: The case of Lyndon Baines Johnson’s run for the presidency reminds us voter fraud can make a difference in a major election — and pave the way for all of history to be changed. If Texas Democrats were willing to cheat in 1948, is their any doubt today’s more viciously God-less Left will be willing to do the same to capture the White House and other races? Once accountably to God is effaced from the public arena, anything can happen … 

    by David Lane

    In 1948, Lyndon Baines Johnson [1908-1973] lost to former Texas governor Coke Stevenson in the July, Texas Democratic Primary for the United States Senate. The margin was about 70,000 votes, but it was close enough to force an August runoff.

    Six days to steal an election, 29 years to prove it

    “On the day of the runoff,” writes Dr. Robert Jeffress in Praying for America, Fox News Contributor and Senior Pastor of the First Baptist Church in Dallas, “Johnson still lagged behind by 70,000 votes, with only San Antonio and a few other precincts left to report. Stevenson was not worried, however, since he had beaten Johnson in San Antonio’s regular primary by a 2-to-1 margin. Later that evening, rural counties in the Rio Grande Valley cut Stevenson’s lead to only 854.

    “The next day, an unknown precinct was miraculously discovered. Those votes went overwhelmingly to Johnson. But Stevenson still led by 349 by Tuesday. On Friday, election officials in the Rio Grande Valley made corrections in the election returns that cut Stevenson’s lead to only 157. Later that same day, the tiny town of Alice, a box of votes was supposedly found with 202 additional votes in it. Of those, 200 were for Johnson. Only 2 went to Stevenson. Thus, 6 days after the polls had closed, Johnson had miraculously overcome a 20,000-vote deficit. Of almost 1 million ballots cast, he had won by only 87.

    “Stevenson cried foul, and a federal district court ordered Johnson’s name off the ballot of the general election until an investigation could take place. But that order was voided by Supreme Court justice Hugo Black at the request of Johnson’s lawyer. The general election proceeded and Johnson went on to beat the Republican candidate for the Senate seat. Johnson eventually went on to become vice president, and then president in 1963, when John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas. Without his victory in 1948, it is doubtful that Johnson would have ever risen to the presidency.

    “For decades after, many were suspicious of Johnson’s victory. However, no one could present conclusive proof that Johnson or his supporters had stolen the 1948 election. Finally, in 1977, Luis Salas, who had been an election judge in Jim Wells County during the 1948 election, confirmed what most people thought: Johnson’s supporters had committed massive voter fraud [emphasis added]. County officials had cast votes for absent voters, dead voters, and ineligible voters. For instance, in the infamous 13 box from Alice, Texas, the additional 200 votes for Johnson were somehow cast in alphabetical order, in a different color ink from the other votes, and all in the exact same handwriting … Lyndon Johnson had indeed stolen the election.”

    Breaking God’s standards, including those about lies and theft

    With that said, would you even for a moment believe that George Soros and his insurrectionist ilk of Antifa and Black Lives Matter, Inc., fueling widespread, systemic violations of the law in the American culture, would feel any compunction about stealing the November 3rd, 2020 election?

    Someone like Soros no doubt wouldn’t, for we have entered the climactic conclusion of the long corrosive march by unscrupulous atheism through America’s once Christian institutions, public schools, and universities, and her formerly virtuous press and media levers of cultural influence. Over the last 100 years, America has been living off the remnants of the Christian culture laid down by America’s Founders in the 17th and 18th centuries.

    Sadly, American Christendom fell into a protracted state of negligence, indolence or inactivity once the battle for ideological supremacy and control of the public square began. Willfully diverting its attention away from Jesus’ Kingdom assignment found in Matthew 16:18, His ekklesia, American Christendom instead opted for a subculture, where success is measured by the number of attendants and the amount of money gathered in Sunday’s offering box.

    The focus no longer seems to be on turning up the spiritual thermostat in the cities ministered to or on defending the Christian worldview and its virtues in the public square. However, in order to stand against an increasingly hostile and secular world, American Christendom will be required to move outside of the walls of the building and establish a solid presence in the culture if America is to survive.

    With God being “the ultimate source of standards,” as Jewish Hebrew scholar Michael V. Fox explains in his two-volume comprehensive commentary on the book of Proverbs, that won’t be an easy task, particularly since “any distortion with their accuracy offends Him directly.”

    Religious secularism has been abundantly guilty of offending Him directly over the last 50 years. With little opposition from Christians, they removed prayer to Jehovah from public education [Engel v. Vitale, 1962], removed the Bible from public schools [Abington School District v. Schempp, 1963], legalized the execution of unborn children [Roe v. Wade, 1973], removed the Ten Commandments from public schools, courthouses, and government buildings [Stone v. Graham, 1980], legalized homosexual vice and same-sex marriage [Obergefell v. Hodges, 2015] and expanded homosexual and transgender rights just this year [Bostock v. Clayton County, 2020].

    We knocked on America’s door…

    Due to our apathy, our children and grandchildren will have to live with the dire consequences.

    Regarding the impact and repercussions of disregard, former Ohio Congressman Bob McEwen recalls the story told by one of his immigrant Rabbi friends to a Jewish audience.

    “Suppose that you were out after curfew in Nazi-occupied Warsaw and you hear the boots of the Gestapo gaining on you. Frantically, you turn down a street lined with townhouses. Over each townhouse is a nameplate reading: engineer, another says ‘composer’, another ‘pharmacist’, ‘Baptist Sunday School teacher’, ‘doctor’, ‘lawyer’, and so on. You have only time to knock on but one door. Which door would you choose?”

    After a thoughtful pause, the Rabbi then observes, “You know which door you’d knock on. You’d knock on the door of the Baptist Sunday School teacher. Why? Well, the Bible teacher believes in God. If he honors God, then he probably respects life. If he respects life, then a Jew might be safe.”

    “Incidentally,” the Rabbi continued, “that story isn’t apocryphal. I didn’t make it up. It’s exactly what happened. Jews were being chased from all over the globe. They could choose one place to ask for entrance. The names over the doors read ‘Argentina’, ‘Germany’, ‘Russia’, ‘China’, ‘USA’, ‘Saudi Arabia’, and so on.

    “Which door did we knock on? We knocked on America’s door. Why? Because America believes in God. Since they believe in God, they respect life. Since Americans respect life, a Jew might be safe.

    “And so we did. We knocked on America’s door and were invited in. And, what is the first thing some of you did? You stormed in demanding that the crucifix be removed from the wall, demand that ‘under God’ be removed from their Pledge of Allegiance, sued to take the cross off of a city’s seal and prohibit Christmas carols being sung at civic celebrations.

    “In fact, you are making every effort to remove God from His prominence in American life. You are doing everything possible to turn America into one of the countries that we escaped from!

    “And, quite frankly, you’re doing a darned good job of it!

    “But when you’re done. When you have removed God from the unique position in the American culture, there will no longer be the Godly respect for life. And anyone who knows anything about history at all knows this: when there is no respect for life, they always come for Jews first.”

    Thankfully, and just in time, Gideons and Rahabs are rising up to stand.

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