• What About National Security? Biden Continues Phony ‘Muslim Ban’ Accusation Against President

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    Surge Summary: The media is running cover for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s irresponsible plans to overturn Trump-era national security moves in a bid to win Muslim votes. The charge of a so-called “Muslim Ban” on immigration into the U.S. is bogus. It was, in fact, an anti-terrorist ban.

    by Jim Kouri

    Presidential candidate Joe Biden is being handled with kid-gloves by his fellow Democrats and the news media, so that his plans for a Biden administration will be kept secret. For example, he promised Muslims in the U.S. that he is going to appoint many Muslims to key positions in his administration. In addition, the mentally-challenged politician is hiding his plans to pack the U.S. Supreme Court with radical, anti-Constitution justices who will help the Marxists-Socialists achieve their goals.

    Joe Biden stated that he will appoint Muslims to serve all levels in his administration and he vowed to rescind President Donald Trump’s ‘Muslim ban’ despite the ongoing threat of terrorists residing or visiting the United States.

    The Biden campaign’s entire effort is to create the narrative that President Donald Trump’s enormously successful efforts at making Americans safe from foreign terrorists are really nothing but “hate” for Muslims.

    “Today, trust is ebbing and hope seems elusive. Instead of healing, we’re being ripped apart and I refuse to let that happen. We have too bright a future to leave it shipwrecked on the shoals of anger and division.”

    “As president, I’ll work with you to rip the poison of hate from our society, honor your contributions and seek your ideas,” said the man known as Sleepy Joe.

    But even some of the rabidly socialist media fact-checkers have admitted that there never was a “Muslim ban.” The ban affects “countries that cannot or will not provide adequate information about those who want to enter the U.S.”

    “The so-called mainstream news media claimed that the Obama administration raised red flags about immigrants from the countries on the list, many of which, coincidentally, are nations where the population is mostly Muslims,” former counterterrorism task force member, J. Robert Pollard.

    “That isn’t hate or bigotry, is a known fact. Repealing the ban would be disastrous for the American people,” Pollard added.

    The Democratic Party’s supporters are also using the “fake news” to hide the fact that President Trump has supporters who are Muslims.

    During Joe Biden’s blatant pandering it was noted by GOP supporters at the [first] presidential debate when Biden said “inshallah” or “God Willing” in Arabic in a carefully scripted statement.

    Because an unusually high percentage of violent criminals happen to be Muslims, Biden promises to overhaul the criminal justice system to keep them out of jail. “He is like the rest of the hate-America crowd who couldn’t care less about the lives and property of citizens.

    After the police are gone, teams of well funded social workers will roam the streets, “focused on redemption, not retribution,” claimed the Biden election team.

    Muslims aren’t happy one bit that the Trump Administration made a big shake up of the federally funded media outlets like Voice of America. Michael Pack is the new CEO of the U.S. Agency for Global Media, parent company for VOA. As soon has he took charge, he fired the heads of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Radio Free Asia, and other outlets. Amanda Bennett, the head of VOA at the time, resigned on his first day in the job.

    During the Summer, Voice of America’s “Urdu service” which translates news and information for “Urdu-speaking audiences in Pakistan, India and around the world” circulated a video on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts which was nothing but pro-Biden propaganda aimed at Muslims.

    It was soon chopped into clips. One of the spin-offs “included audio from a voice-over narrator. ‘Make no mistake people, 2020 is our year. Let’s dive into it with 20/20 vision,’ the narrator says in the video. ‘We can see clearly that America is fighting for its very soul.’”

    Biden’s soul sits in a jar at Black Lives Matter headquarters. VOA officials made sure to set the record straight by noting that “the Urdu video should have corrected Biden when he referred to the ‘Muslim ban’ by saying President Trump’s 2017 immigration action didn’t ban all Muslims from entering the U.S., but only selected Muslim-majority countries.” They also noted, “the Trump campaign is doing its own outreach to Muslim voters and that some Muslim organizations support Trump’s reelection.” CEO Pack promises, “USAGM staff members who attempt to influence American elections will be held accountable.”

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    Image: Screen Shot: https://conservativebase.com/if-elected-biden-vows-to-hire-or-appoint-muslims-to-key-positions-in-u-s-government/

    Jim Kouri

    Conservative Base's editor, Jim Kouri, CPP, is founder and CEO of Kouri Associates, a homeland security, public safety and political consulting firm. He's formerly Fifth Vice-President, now a Board Member of the National Association of Chiefs of Police, a columnist,  and a contributor to the nationally syndicated talk-radio program, the Chuck Wilder Show. He's the author of two books: "Crime Talk: Conversations with America's Top Law Enforcement Officers" and "Assume the Position: Police Science for Journalists and Screenwriters."

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